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The Official Huck #3 thread - Contains spoilers!


Anything you say on this thread, even if just remotely interesting, will probably be used in our letters section at the back of the book. So prepare to be immortalised.

But listen. Here’s a preview and just in case you haven’t heard there is also an extended 12 page sequence at the BACK of this extra-sized issue with Empress #1 and all our beautiful character designs at the back. This is a really nice issue. We’re really super-happy with it.


First Review:



I’m going back to Graham Crackers today to pick it up, can’t wait to read it on my lunch break. :sunglasses: :thumbsup:




pinned globally #4


I’m saying it now. Huck will be the most iconic new comic book character this decade if the writing continues to be this strong and the movie adaptation is special.

People will be talking about this character for generations to come.

Well done.


Thanks, brother. This series just writes itself. Like this character just wanted to get out there.

The movie is attracting insane talent too. I really think this could be something special.



Just read it and couldn’t be happier. A little scared of what’s to come but can’t wait for it none the less. The hotel sequence definitely makes you feel his pain at not knowing who he is in this universe. Huck is a beautiful character. I could watch him weed a neighbors garden, and be intrigued.


Getting #3 later today. PC will be down for a while, so after repairs.

So far, Huck seems to be my Superman. It’s like the exact opposite of the way Unbreakable was told, fast-breaking public events versus slow (very, very slow) unfolding of events in the dark. Cool beans, Chief!


Just read it.

Oh the ending. Oh the pain to have to wait another month.

I won’t spoil it but damn, it really got me so curious!

Apart from that it was a beautiful issue. The comic doesn’t need a lot of dialog to tell its story and that works perfectly. It’s just like watching a film.

You can feel the calm before the tempest though. Millar is already setting the stage for some big pile of shit that is about to hit the fan.


I think next issue is the strongest one by a mile.Of you’re not in floods of tears after #4 you have a heart of stone :slightly_smiling:



More great work.
The pacing is nice touch and once pulled together as a trade will be a beautiful addition to the book shelf. Definitely felt sympathy for Huck and had the blood boiling with the users and abusers.
My only suggestion was maybe as we had already seen him do the various types of good deeds for others which showcased his abilities that that space at the start of the book could be used for something else?

Oh the title font and layout are gorgeous.
When ever I pop into a comic book store with my partner I often let her go first and ask her what catches her eye. She isn’t an avid reader and often listens to my recommendations but when she browses it’s interesting to observe her and what she picks up. This issue and its cover is an absolute stand out on the shelves and she would definitely be drawn to it (Only have digital at the moment!)

I think the cover is a great representation of the story and if you look at the often cluttered store shelves this one would call out to a new audience. I cant praise it enough.


Yeah. Issue 4. Damn. People need to not miss that issue.


Huck. And Tom.

You really went there.

Rollin’ on the river …

My mind speculates wildly, which leads to possible stories of my own. I really like it when that happens, and I get to read the story you are telling! Loving Raphael’s art very much. He pulls off the mouth-moved-to-the-side-of-the-face better than anybody just now. Simple or complex, he’s got it.

And forgot a preview was there and was happily reading and that was all that we got and DANG it, Millar! I have been trying to ween myself off the previews! Now it’s all in my head and such. Along with the two Starlight stories I did not submit. Or, like, write. But I thought about it! And made notes! On Post-It pads!

Which are presently all over the floor.


This is shaping up to be a classic. I read it on the way home last evening. Mark and Raphael are doing the Superhero story that Frank Capra might have done if he was alive today. Huck is a kind man (like a George Bailey or Mr. Smith) fighting in his own little way against a cynical and vicious world.

And like any Capra movie, the story isn’t all sweetness and light. There has to be a vein of darkness to give Huck something to push against. I have no idea where this is going but I’m looking forward to next month.


Tears, I tell you. Tears are where it’s going :slightly_smiling:

Next month’s issue. I warn you. There’s a LOT going on here.



I shall warn Mrs. Jones to be ready…because she’s going to read it. Not because I’m going to cry…Of course, not. I just have something in my eye, that’s all :cry:


My best bet is that we will have Huck’s origins and maybe the death of his mother explained and the brother will probably take them to a graveyard.

Man, I’m seriously curious about the next issue.

Also, now we can assume his brother has the same powers.


Here’s my slightly positive review of Huck #3. :wink:

Huck #3 - I’m not ashamed in my love of this book. I think @Mark_Millar and Rafael Albuquerque have hit on something truly unique with so much damned heart 22 pages can’t contain it. I love everything about the book even the design as a physical object has me buying my copy at my LCS like everyone else even though I see the book months in advance. I really like that the experience stretches from cover to cover. The Empress preview was a nice touch in this issue. So continue to count me in for Huck.


I’m pretty tough. Bring it!


Wanna know the one thing I don’t like about this title? The fact that I order my comics online! This is a great story so far & this is an amazing forum that these topics are going to be hard to resist checking out. I’m constantly two weeks behind everyone. I’ll catch up then. Hey issue #2 was awesome though. Literally gave me chills. Thanks!