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****The Official Huck #1 chat-back thread*****


Huck #1 is on sale now and I just wanted to say a big thanks for what I think is the best reviewed comic we’ve ever had at Millarworld. Rafa and I couldn’t be more pleased.

It’s my daughter’s 4th birthday today so we’re about to shoot out for a family breakfast but here’s a preview for anyone who hasn’t seen so far. We printed 12,000 copies beyond the Diamond orders on this and hopefully looking like a sell-out today. Very exciting!

Also, here’s the first batch of lovely 5 star reviews for those mulling over…






This comic is so poignant and so socially relevant. This is going to be iconic. Huck is going to be one of the most iconic characters of this century. We live in a world full of cynicism, materialism, vanity, and selfishness. Huck is a breath of fresh air because he’s the opposite of that mentality. I hope we can all be more like Huck.


And BTW, I know that Channing Tatum’s been suggested for the role before. He kinda looks like the character, but I can’t see him being able to portray Huck’s innocence and purity. Im sure Channing must be a great guy, but he kind of has a naughty and jock-ish vibe to him. But Im willing to be surprised.


I dunno. I think he has a purity. He was staying in the hotel room next door to me a few months back and he seemed like a sweetheart. Just a big gentle guy. The footage of him helping Stan Lee from a stage nailed it for me. I could see maybe Hemsworth too, but there’s an innocence to Tatum.

PS Here’s a preview of issue 2:


Yeah, I wouldnt be surprised if Channing pulls it off. His performance in Foxcatcher is vastly different from anything he has ever done.

What I know is, Huck is a nuanced character and is not going to be easy to pull off for any actor, no iconic character is IMO.

Anyway, another important decision to make is the director. I think Matthew Vaughn is versatile enough to pull this off. He always has a great handle on the characters and themes of your stories.


Im getting an error trying to visit CBR at the moment so I cant see the preview for issue 2 yet.

Anyway, I just had my wife read Huck # 1 and she loves it as much as Starlight, which is her favorite Millar book!


Chris or Liam? You gotta be specific.


Ha! The big man!



Here’s my review for Huck #1 from the New Comics Thread.

Huck #1 - This wasn’t my first time reading the story but it still felt fresh. The physical package is incredible. The weight of the paper feels upscale and was perfect for the application. That first double page spread is stellar. As I’ve said many times, I really love the heart of this story and can’t wait to see it all play out. Albuquerque’s art is phenomenal. Of course, this book comes with my highest recommendation. I hope it’s the shape of comics to come.


I agree.

The first issue has a surprising amount of re-readability, and Albuquerque adds a needed playful quality to everything. He makes it look like a daydream, a stark contrast to other stuff he’s done on other series.
In fact, it’s that dichotomy that makes me excited for the rest of the series - because, light as this is, I don’t doubt that it will touch upon harder tones. Albuquerque has that range.


There must be danger. Even Herbie had danger. The trick is making us love someone so we care when he’s in peril. Where this goes is very interesting. It’s almost like a fairytale. The next two issues a lot like Being There, where this innocent is smiling and being slightly manipulated, no idea people don’t have his best interests at heart. Beyond that, we see where he came from and why he was left on that doorstep. It will have you in tears of both sadness and joy. The best ending I’ve ever done.

PS Series in 24 issues in total, four volumes of 6.


That’s what I like about most of the recent minis is that it, even though it’s a much better read as a whole, almost no one is without the odds and ends that the reader needs to be drawn in. The filler bits that make up a character. Huck being “the orphan on the doorstep” is put into that classic mold of belonging - finding out how someone does.

Given the connection to MPH…I am certain about the sadness.


You’ll get hints of MPH next issue and all explained in #4.



That cover in the solicit #4 is harrowing.
Can knock Raf’s range


I found the first issue to be light but quite good. For me, though there is plenty of mystery introduced early on, the real drama didn’t start until the very end of the issue with the quite interesting set-up.

The basic internal conflict from my perspective is that it is very easy for a person to do “good” deeds if they have superpowers. I also thought it was a nice touch that many of the deeds did not require superpowers, though. Really, though, there was no test of Huck’s character in this issue in the sense that he did not really risk anything with the choices he made. His heroics were on the level of a satisfying hobby.

The one big choice he did make that I won’t spoil was also nicely delivered. Basically, I found that the one time Huck thought big, he really didn’t think about it. He did something that, as far as this issue is concerned, was unusual for him, outside his usual scope - and, I think it’s important to note that as far as this issue, it seemed the only deed that required him to use violence - and at the end of the issue, it appears he’s facing unintended consequences for that.

In that regard, I did find that one deed (not to use spoilers) to be a little confusing in that it seemed actually outside his power level to accomplish it in one day. Hopefully this isn’t too spoilery, but I got the impression that Huck is more on the level of Golden Age Superman than Superior, while it seemed like just to cross the geographic distance to accomplish what he did or find what he was looking for would require Silver Age Superman capabilities. So I am still trying to get a read on what exactly is Huck’s power set.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the read and I’m very curious about where the next issue will go not only as far as the impact the last scene will have but who in this world might respond to the news that’s about to get out in regard to where Huck may have come from.


This book is like nothing I’ve read before! I love the set-up for what is going to be a great run, issue one was a fantastic intro to the character’s and really sets the tone as to what Huck’s self imposed limitations are regarding his good deeds. I live in a rural area (closest town is 6 miles away and only 600 people) so the environment and “community” feel of the people protecting and helping each other is a familiar one. His reluctance to engage in violence is a refreshing concept in comics and the innocent joy expressed on his face is something you don’t see much on a superhero. I was thinking this was a period story based on the six page preview, the cars and appliances all appear to be outdated…until I saw Diane’s car (Cooper?). The separate “worlds” of Huck’s town and the outside are well established with the visual cues, and not far off from the reality of small town life. I was going to ask what the year was until I looked closer at the Maine Morning Gazette. :wink:
The paper is heavy enough to handle lots of re-reading (it will get plenty!) and the variant cover’s rock. The combination MM/RA seems like Lennon/McCartney, you guys have hit on something very special here.

I started planning a Huck costume in October, the custom patch will be ready after Christmas so in the spring I’m going to visit the actual “Field of Dreams” (only 30 min drive :slight_smile: ) to replicate the variant. :sunglasses: :thumbsup:
This song is stuck in my head when I read the opening now. :wink:

Way to go, you’ve sucked me in for the next 2 years! :moneybag: :wink:


Being There! One of my favourite movies.


I just read Huck #1. It was a quick, breezy read. Writing and art synched to make the book flow smoothly. I was half expecting the issue to keep going! There was zero waste in this issue. It was efficient and effective in accomplishing its primary objective:

It made you genuinely care about Huck.

I like Huck the character. He is the type of character that you would like to hang out not because of what they can do but because of who they are.

I truly enjoyed the book and eagerly look forward to issue 2.


I reread it last night and was impressed with how much the art flows from one edge of the page to the other. It almost makes the comic look bigger than standard size.