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The Official Empress Series 1 finale thread!!!!


Double-sized issue seven is out today and it’s a cracker!

Hope you enjoy!

I’m starting the sequel around February and we’re looking to publish in a year or so!



That’s great news!, love the end, all the tiny clues you left since the first issue that build the final plot twist.

Here is my review:

First in spanish, then in english.


Great review Dave. One of the best elements of Empress is the breakneck pace and the cliffhangers. So happy the story ends on one more cliffhanger.


I’ve said it before on Twitter but I won’t stop saying it: Stuart Immonen should draw your Superman story! Imagine how EPIC that would be!

This book has been absolutely fantastic and beautiful.


Buying later today or so, but my best to Stuart and crew! I got the feeling during the AMA that this was a fun, positive project all around. And that’s the way it ought to be, right?


This was a great end to a fun ride. Lots of action, and way more surprises than I expected (and I expected a few!) for a climactic episode that also needed to wrap up plotlines. Loving the callbacks to things that Tor and the Quez told us about a few issues back. (Not gonna go to spoiler land here… but hey, the characters warned us that stuff was gonna happen.) Stunning art throughout the issue and series too. I’m taking on Empress for the Millarworld Annual challenge, and I was sort of dreading that Mark was going to pull something that might undo my script. Happy to announce that Empress #7 delighted me as a reader, first and foremost, but also happy that I won’t have to spend Thanksgiving rewriting my story. Win-win!


The script was supposed to be set basically before the first issue, so unless there was a flashback you were always going to be good.


True. But if there was a big reveal that suggested that someone wasn’t the person you thought they were, that’s a potential unraveller. Even with the final page cliffhanger, it turned out OK!


Issue 7 review that also recaps the entire series plus Vic and Ryan’s video review below, Empress there as book of the week from around the 7 minute mark:



Thank you!, I agree the end with a cliffhanger was awesome


Dunno if it means anything, but got to page 4 quite painfully as Comixology kept crashing. It does that in heavy traffic on a particular title. (WW #1 and the last Jupiter’s Legacy malfunctioned the same way. The little circle of dots just sits and spins.) Hopefully later today?

Are we aware? Skilled colorist Jonathan Glapion got married this week.


Sucks to hear, because I was considering reading it that way…


However, now I’ve read it in print, and it’s my favorite issue of the run. Loved the twist at the end.


I have never had such problems with the Comixology phone app (I read Empress #7 the first day), if you can stand reading a bit small.


Love this comic, love this series, what a great team!


Just finished #7
Mark nailed the Space Opera concept and the art by Immonen was gorgeous throughout. the Spoiler and the cliffhanger really highlighted the Space Opera feel. Every character also got their chance to shine. both children, Dane, Tor, and the Empress all showed off their skills in a fantastic way whether those skills were known or newly revealed. Can’t wait for Empress Volume 2


Very glad I decided to read this monthly instead of trade waiting. Issue 7 was a killer, can’t wait to see where it goes from here.


Sorry I’m a week late but here’s my review from the New Comics Thread.

Empress #7 - Wow! What a wrap up for this series. Something seemed a bit different about the art. Maybe something in the inking or colors. It was still amazing but I can’t quite put my finger on it. I knew there was going to be a twist at the end and knew what was going to happen from reading the script ages ago but Mark hadn’t worked out how it was going to happen. It was great. I also loved the cliffhanger for the next series and liked how they didn’t exactly intimate the details. @Mark_Millar and @stuartimmonen really know how to tell a story. I hope their collaborations continue on this book and others for a very long time.


Loved this series. The twists in the last two issues were magnificently done, so much so that I literally went “Oh my God!” reading issue 7. Wonderfully written with beautiful art and a pace that makes it so easy to get into and come back to. Empress is easily one of my favorite stories this year. Looking forward to where it goes!


Why is it that pre-Hyborean Age empires are always chock-full of jerks?
As much as I know, Mark, how you should like life to reflect art, in this real world there were different surprise endings. All this means is there is now much grist. And you are, after all, a Millar.