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The official EMPRESS #6 thread - THIS IS HAPPENING!


I love this book. I can only see the mistakes when I look over my books, but Empress is one of the very few things where I wouldn’t change a panel. Stuart Immonen is a huge part of that by the way. He just makes everything work. So, so happy with the big double-sized finale too. Am desperate to get into the second volume.



Immonen is killing it! Hope you two make several volumes.


We’re going to do three in total. F Scott Frazier just finishing the screenplay next week, our main actress in place and the hunt for a director begins next month. This thing has moved like a rocket.

Stuart is sadly under contract for 10 months, but once he’s done we’re going to do volumes 2 and 3 back to back so they whole thing will be completed in 2018. Volume 2 is going to be great. I’ve really fallen in love with these characters.



I have developed a fondness for Ship!


Can’t wait for the trade!


You trade-waiting? You got a long wait, my friend. We’re releasing week before Vol 2 launches!!!



Oh are you serious? That makes marketing sense but I wasn’t aware of it.


Some books are just too good to trade-wait :slight_smile:

PS to Miqque: Ship is the Must-Have toy of 2018!!!


Fully functional I hope.


:slight_smile: They make the functioning BB8 toys just up the road a piece. A match made in the heavens?


But…I’ll already be triple dipping with the trade, movie, and Blu Ray!

Looking forward to more books from you and Immonen beyond this too. Out of all of the great artists in comics, I think he is the most versatile. It’s pretty uncanny actually.


I’m already planning something with him after Empress 3.

Something for the Big 2. I’ve promised myself one of these before the end of the decade, though I keep bumping it back.

will be awesome. He’s a genius!



In many respects, 2016 has been an unpleasant year. Bumping it back is probably wise. After all, you don’t want a headline like “Millar Sells 40M Copies of New Comic” subverted by some political nonsense!


Surely that means Marvel, right?
Or will his exclusive contract be over by then?


Here’s my review from the New Comics Thread.

Empress #6 - I’ve read the scripts to this entire series. I don’t say that to brag but to illustrate the fact that I know what’s going to happen and how it all ends. Even with that knowledge, @stuartimmonen manages to surprise me with at least one thing per issue. Issue #6 is no different. The world building in this series continues to be top notch. It makes me a bit sad knowing there’s only one issue left even though it’s double sized. I take solace in the fact that there are plans for more Empress as well as other @Mark_Millar and @stuartimmonen collaborations in the future.


Thanks, brother.

PS to Kandor Lives: Marvel or DC. Stuart’s contract is up next year, meaning we’ll jump straight into Empress, but we definitely want to do more together after.


That sounds great to me!


Someone described this to me as The Incredibles in Space, which I kinda wished I thought of. But the kids all being really capable is one of the things that really worked for me in The Incredibles. Kids especially love that.



Which looks to be Feb 2017.


Quoted for truth.