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The Official Empress #5 thread - ON SALE NOW FROM YOURS TRULY!


I love this book so much and yes I DID say that out loud!!



First 2 reviews are full marks, which is always nice. Here’s the All-Comic one:

I just tweaked my last bit of dialogue on #7 last week. Can’t wait to get into volume 2!!!



I am waiting for the trade on this but I flipped through the issue in the store and I think Immonen should draw every comic from now on.


Let’s see. It’s Wednesday. I have money. I have a Comixology account.

Whaddaya think, Millar? I’m feeling a bit peckish. Burger or Empress? Chicken or Empress? Oooh! Pizza or Empress?

Decisions, decisions …


Read the comic then slowly snack on it.

And immonen and I so keen to work together again. Even besides volume 2. I mean something else and I wonder if he and I might actually be a snug fit for a big superman story! He’s amazing. He and I fit like a glove.



Loved it and starting to hate Mark.

See, this should be serialized. Like a monthly thing, going on til the end of time instead of just 6 issues.

Why Mark? This could be as long as Invincible. Longer than Saga.

We need more. We want more.


Really, Mark - you must be a bit crazed by MoS, BvS and SS. We know how you love Kal-El and know you write him very well. I honestly do not think Cavill is a problem, it’s script and direction. Okay, he’s a Brit. Maybe Ioan Gruffudd couldn’t ad-lib in FF (still like him, and his series Forever was real good - worth a binge), but I’ve seen Cavill pop a spontaneous “American accent”. I would find it hilarious for reborn Superman to have a Brit accent! “Truth, Justice, and the American Way old chap. Care for a cuppa?”

So, sell it.


You worked with him once before on Superman, didn’t you? It would be great to see you do it again.


I’d love to see that. Immonen’s work on Secret Identity was beautiful and I think it would be great to see him have another crack at Superman.


Ah, don’t worry. First off, this is an ongoing series of books. we’re doing them annually and Stuart has a Marvel project he needs to do first, but then we’re straight back in here. We’ve got three of these big stories worked out.

Secondly, this ain’t six issues. It’s seven and issue seven is double-sized so it’s really eight. So everyone’s happy. I really like these characters. They’re really fun to write. We’ve got three worked out, but who knows where it goes from there.

As an aside: The screenplay should be done in around three weeks. Can’t wait to read! Guy is called F Scott Frazier and the producer Joe Roth is very excited about him. We want to get this out for 2018 if possible.



Stuart really is the perfect artist and he draws an amazing Superman. I have another guy in mind for Superman too, especially as Stuart will be doing Empress 2 and 3 back to back and plan to do a Superman project next year. I’d work with Stuart forever of course. My Superman idea is a big sci-fi concept too and quite hardcore SF in places. There’s one guy who specialises in this, which is why he’d popped into my head.



The Wachowski’s would be great directors for it.


Don’t even joke about that! :slight_smile:



Some more nice Empress reviews:



Is it the same guy you were considering earlier this year? Would love to see you write more Superman. Done as a big hardcore sci-fi piece is even better in my book.

Will get my review up for the new issue of Empress later. Good to hear there’s not one but two more issues coming our way in this volume.


Oh, yeah. Always seven issues. But that 30 page finale ended up being 40. I just needed room for max awesome!!

PS Yes indeed on the Superman artist. So few people get Superman right, but he really, really does. I’d like to do something like this and maybe a big Marvel project too before jumping full-time into all my sequels in the New Year. I’ve set up 17 franchises with Millarworld and a good half of them getting sequels in the next couple of years!


I’m not joking.

I love their work. They always innovate. Take Speedracer. Alot of people hated it but the editing and camera work was brilliant and refreshing. They brought a whole new way of stoytelling.

They like to tell fresh, new stories. And as a film director myself I appreciate that.

Otherwise: Edgar Wright.

Also: they are one of the few real sci-fi directors around.


Edgar Wright can’t do Empress, he’s doing Chrononauts. :slight_smile:


We sent Edgar Chrononauts actually. I love that guy. No director chosen for it yet, but he’s literally my top pick.

Empress has producer, star and writer. Will go out to director once F Scott gets the screenplay in next month. He seems a good guy. Am having email chat with him as I type this, weirdly.



That post was just wishful thinking on my part! :slight_smile:

The fact that he’s genuinely in contention is great. I think he’d be a wonderful choice.