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The Official Empress #4 Thread - On Sale Now!


Yes, on sale now.

Drop everything and RUN. If you don’t read this by lunchtime you’re going to hate yourself!

PS Here’s the first advance review…

The official Empress #3 Thread - ON SALE TODAY! (Spoilers)

Immonen’s work here is just beautiful.


Yo, Mark - were you going to do an AMA today?


Really? I don’t think so. I did one as few weeks back.



I’m thinking you can’t release an issue without some confused babble from me! Please forgive me, there has been a lot of jackhammering for three days right outside my window! Which is also why I haven’t read Empress yet - a bit on the agitated side, not conducive to enjoyment! Cheers!


Three issues in, now we discover all the running is actually plot! The hard part, maybe, is seeing all the pieces moving in the tapestry much larger than the temporary stops. It’s gorgeous.


It’s literally the most beautifully structured tapestry, even if I do say so myself :slight_smile:

I loved the energy of Mad Max. Where it just didn’t stop. And if they did it was just to reload for a second. That’s the vibe here. And yet there’s three scenes coming up that will have you crying.

So pleased with this and I think it might be the most beautifully drawn project I’ve ever had my name on.



I didn’t see a thread for issue 4. But I just wanted to say this is one of my favorite books to read month in and month out. I love pulp scifi and this hits me in all the right places. Plus the art, colors, and lettering are so good. It’s a BEAUTIFUL BOOK!


Mark - Can you tell me something of Ive Svorcino? I’ve complimented the colors several times (and you know how loathe I am to compliment much of anything). Male? Female? From Croatia? Lochbuie? Zanzibar? And how’s Goran doing? I see he’s around.


Hi Guys, everybody in last months thread. plz continue this in the #4 thread a few posts down. And many thanks! :slight_smile:


pinned globally #12


Ive definitely male and though Stuart based Dane on himself, he actually looks even more like Ive.

It’s quite uncanny!



Here’s my review from the New Comics Thread.

Empress #4 - Another solid issue from @Mark_Millar & @stuartimmonen. I love the break neck pace of the story so far. Our group seems to continually jump out of the frying pan and into the fire. All the while, we get great character interaction and a continually more in depth look at each character and their motivations. Still loving this series.