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The official Empress #3 Thread - ON SALE TODAY! (Spoilers)


THIS is exciting. I love this book and we’re delighted to see it going down so well.

Spoil away below once you’ve picked up. That’s what we’re here for!!!



Here’s my review from the New Comics Thread.

Empress #3 - Another great issue. I really love how it picked up straight from the cliffhanger at the end of last issue. @stuartimmonen s designs are amazing. Each new creature and ship feels cool and original. @Mark_Millar kills it as always. The family seems to jump from one catastrophe to the next. I read the scripts to these issues some time ago and each issue still feels incredibly new and fresh. I can’t wait for #4.


Stuart was an excellent choice for this book! He really brings it to life


Someone’s Starlight Millarworld Annual script had a scene with Duke escaping a giant beast much the way Dane does. Good to see the idea didn’t go to waste!

I love how Empress is starting to take that Omega Men feel of exploring a situation that’s probably more complicated than it seemed. Is the bad guy as bad as he seems? I love how Emporia is in a situation that seems to smack so much of Saga, but is taking a more direct root. I mean, I’ve loved reading Saga, but there’s a part of me that also wishes the story would stop be so meandering. Then you reach moments in Empress where that same sudden twist of fate feeling rears its head. I mean, they aren’t really stuck on Golgoth, right? This is the point where they realize the dangers aren’t just the ones behind them, but the ones they would never have anticipated. Good stuff.


Cheers Ronnie. Really glad you liked it.

PS to Young Duke: Empress series completed last year and #3 several months before that, well before any Starlight scripts handed in. I generally write around a year ahead of publication and the talent search didn’t START until September. I obviously wouldn’t use someone’s idea like that.


We sold out of this yesterday, which I’m really happy about, a whopping 15K extras coming in the next couple of weeks. This little beaut seems to be going down well, which is great. Couple more reviews fer ya!

Some people spotting the ode to the old serials with the big cliffhanger every issue. Weird how seldom good cliffhangers done in comics, given it works so well with the monthly structure!!



Then it’s just a good coincidence. I didn’t mean to imply otherwise. It was just interesting to see the idea, in a sense, resurface.


Dane is a badass! Just jumped right in to save the child, no hesitation.


Dane is basically me :slight_smile:



I love Stuart’s artwork and was SUPER BUMMED when he left Star Wars… until now! I love Empress! It has that swashbuckling feel and the cliffhanger endings like the old serials like Flash Gordon, and yet has a grand scale to it like Star Wars. This has quickly become one of my favourite titles!! Keep up the great work Mark!!


Thanks fella :slight_smile:



Here is my review, awesome series!!!


Thanks D!


you’re welcome Sir!

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