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The Official Empress #1 thread!!!!!


I can believe this is finally here!

Don’t forget Stuart’s fan chat here today at 2pm NYC time!!



Yeah, after all the hints and teases it’s revealed to the world. Very exciting, I can’t wait to see the reviews.


Today has been IMMENSE. retailers going crazy on Twitter and even though we had big orders we look like we’re going back to press. Thanks to everyone who got behind us!!



Excellent - told you there’d be a second printing. I watched Victor and Ryan do their review - they called it the bar on how to launch a comic that all other creators should look to. That’s pretty great praise.


They’re fine people!



Here’s my review from the New Comics Thread.

Empress #1 - Loved this issue. It wasn’t my first read of the story but the printed Millarworld are just so high quality. Seeing @Mark_Millar and @stuartimmonen cut loose on this is just so gratifying. How do you top that dinosaur? I can’t wait for more of this.


Picking it up tomorrow, can’t wait to check it out!


Liked it a lot. Loved the Immonen art.