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***The Official Dark Knight 3 Review Thread***


Because nobody dares enter a thread as big as that other one and I feel it was more about previews than reading the thing itself.

So: what’s your thoughts?



I took a peek at this during lunch time. I can’t speak for the quality of the writing but it looks pretty good. The art in the minicomic is a lot slicker than I had been expecting, given Miller’s recent work, but that may be the influence of Klaus Janson on inks.


Just got through it - and I have to say that…it doesn’t feel like Miller.
But it does feel like a rather well done Miller-homage.

Plus - TDK Atom was great in TDKSA and is again here.


I like it. The art is a definite departure from Andy’s usual, with a few bits (especially the splash before the mini-comic) looking like something from DKR or DKSA. The plot’s intriguing, but the playing with language at the start reminds me more of Azz’s work than Miller’s.

The mini-comic is slick, if a bit cumbersome.

Like Mark, I was “100000000 times more interested in this than any other comic this decade”.

(But I’m even more keen on a future all-Miller book.)


As a Batman comic, or just a comic, I thought it was really good. Fast, thoughtful, action oriented. I would read this comic every month for sure.

As a ‘successor’ to Dark Knight proper, nah. Dark Knight Strikes Again was the more successful continuation of Dark Knight Returns. DKSA was an evolution and expansion of the aesthetic, theme, and purview of DKR; DK3 is a reiteration and recapitulation of that aesthetic and a more obvious, but less daring, continuation of that story.

DK3 is more self consciously designed to appeal to the wide audience that loved DKR; DKSA is an artifact art that continues the SPIRIT of innovation that, for me, really defined DKR.

Still, as a superhero book this was great. There’s a moment in the backup where Miller and Azz are commenting on various heroes, and I found the little bit of insight on Hal Jordan to be especially fun. I remember after DKSA that I badly wanted a pop-punk Frank Miller JLA book, and the fires of that desire are further stoked.


Replying to Chris from the previous thread:

Yes, I’ve ordered it. But because of DC’s staggered publishing schedule for this book I won’t see it for another couple of weeks.

I’m mainly buying it because it will have Miller’s art at full size, and his story is the bit I’m most interested in. The main book looks intriguing as a curiosity, but everything I’ve seen makes it look like a homage or tribute to Miller’s books rather than a true continuation.

I don’t get the feeling that it’s a true spiritual sequel to Miller’s work, even though it’s being marketed as a literal one. (Similar to Before Watchmen really, although as I’ve said before I think Miller’s endorsement of and involvement with this project makes it a very different beast in terms of my willingness to support it).

I’m not so eager to read it that I’ll double-dip on the regular issue (or even digital) though, so it’s a two-week wait for me.


I bought it by impulse last night, couldn’t take it anymore! It was really intriguing, Brian and Franks story includes some serious mystery about Superman and Bruce, this issue felt more like a zero issue to me. It established the main plot threads and we have to sit back and ask “where will this go?”. Carrie Kelley is still awesome, and I’m also very happy with the Atoms mini comic. I do agree with allot of people that this does feel like a tribute to Millers work on Batman which for me a least doesnt seem bad. We actually got a returning character from DKR and it’s a pretty nice nod to what came before.
This story also reminds me of DKR due to the modern problems it presents.
DKR presented the 80’s political landscape with America and Russia.
DK2 presented the blurry nature of technology.
DK3 presented some of America’s issue with Police.

Not to make this to long, but it was pretty bold to me, definitely a 9/10 for me at least. However I still need to see where the story develops.

P.S The Atom was a bad ass, glad Miller followed up that from DK2.


Impoverished from buying books by Millar, Hitch, Scott, Pitarra …


I got it and it was all right. I expect the series to start taking off in the next few issues.

I think I am going to wait a year to buy the trade.

Imho, Miller has the cachet to survive a few flops, but I am counting on him to redeem himself with this series.


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Thoroughly enjoyed this. I liked it more than I expected to.


The art was great. Very Miller-esque. That final scene really hooked me. Didn’t know what to expect but I’m in for the long haul.


I went back and read DK I and DKII before reading DKIII. My first impression of DKIII was that the art was really really well done, but that for a $5.99 cover price was a bit of a short comic. In rereading DKI it took me FOREVER to read through it. The great thing is it has been years since I read DKI, and it was as topical to todays society as it was when it came out, if not more so. There is a crap ton of stuff going on with 15+ panel pages. DKII I wasn’t too impressed with and it had everything to do with the art, and a little on the story. With DKIII there are shades of DKI with the media in the middle. I was really confused as to wether it was a continuation of DKI or DKII. There was a character from DKII, but a major plot point from DKII (Kandor) basically never happened.
It is a far cry from DKI, so far. Not a whole lot going on, where as in DKI a ton of stuff happened in the first book. I agree with an earlier post that this feels like a zero issue more than a #1.
The $5.99 cover price almost feels like a rip-off to me, but it’s frank miller and people are going to pay it.
For me I’m personally collecting the collectors edition for the collectability.
All in all I did really like the story so far, and will be getting every issue.


Here’s my review from the New Comics Thread. I’m afraid the two week lag on the Collector’s Editions are going to kill me. :wink:

Dark Knight III #1: Collector’s Edition - This was a nice package. It has a slightly matte hardcover with Jim Lee’s pencil variant and is similar in size to the DC Deluxe Editions. My only complaint is that the binding is glued so the pages don’t lay flat but this is rarely an issue. The story is intriguing. I wish I hadn’t caught wind of the big reveal before the issue came out. That would have been a huge punch and complete changes the trajectory of this world. The art is pretty cool. Andy Kubert isn’t aping Frank Miller but he’s using a bit of a hybrid of his on and Miller’s style of layouts. It was nice to see some new Miller art but it didn’t feel as raw as it has in the past. While it’s still great, it seems like either the inks or the colors have subdued it a bit. All-in-all I like the direction this is going and can’t wait for the next issue.

Is anyone picking up the standard and collector’s editions? Which do you prefer? Compare and contrast? I thumbed through the standard but didn’t pick it up.


At first I thought the same thing but I think Kandor was just freed in DK2 not embiggened. :wink:


I’ve got the Collector’s Edition hardcover on the way to me this week, so I’m in the same boat as you. Looking forward to finally reading this first issue!


I’ll be curious to hear what you think, Dave.