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The Official Chrononauts #4 thread!!


On the one hand, it’s sad this first series is over. On the other, I start the second arc in two months time and we have three planned in total. Sean and I have LOVED doing this book. Thanks to everyone for supporting it so magnificently.

We’ll stick the preview pages here as soon as they’re up and this thread will be the basis of the next Millarworld lettercol too, of course.


Also, some people will surely ask why this issue is 5.99 instead of the usual 3.50 and the answer is like many final issues of a Millarworld book two issues have been stuck together as I like the way the pacing works when we do that.



This should be waiting for me in my pull box later today. Looking forward to it.


I’m picking mine up on Thursday, I consider it homework before the weekend. :wink:


Finally! I’ve purposely not read #3 yet, waiting for this day so that I can read the whole thing in one go.


I’ve got to say, Mark does a brilliant job of closing out the story. To end so sweetly was unexpected, and the heroes being actual heroes at the end was terrific. This definitely feels like a franchise that can go on and on, and from what I’ve heard everyone loves it. It really feels more than any other book so far like it’s the successor to Kick Ass.


More car chases!

:car: :blue_car:


:oncoming_police_car: :oncoming_police_car: :oncoming_police_car:



I saw that in the back of the comic there is a letters section. I have a question that I would like to ask Mr. Millar. Do I ask it here or is there somewhere else on the forum that I should post my question at?


This is the right thread for the letter column.


Hi Mr. Millar,

I am a big fan of your comics! You are my favorite comic writer! I just read MPH yesterday and I loved it! I really liked how you handled the time travel concept! Will there be a sequel to MPH?

Thank you,
Troy Vevasis


Ummm… DINOSAUR chases please?


Chrononauts #4 - I got a pretty good laugh out of page 3 of this issue (see the least spoilerish panel below). It was a great way to open and send this rollercoaster of an opening volume to it’s satisfying conclusion. The buddy movie vibe really shined through the whole issue with Mark’s words and Sean’s pictures capturing the whole thing perfectly. I hope @CHRONOMURPH gets his DeTomaso Pantera out of this. I’m sure it crushed him to draw the wrecked one in this issue. I already can’t wait for the next volume.


I read #4 twice after I got back from the shop on Sunday, this run has been nothing but fun and laughs for me, and the final issue didn’t disappoint. Corbin and Danny are riot together, I can’t imagine who’ll be cast in the film, but they better have some Bro-chemistry! :wink: I like the double issue finale, every time I finish a comic I want more of the story, so this way it takes twice as long before I want more! :wink:

Does that mean we’ll see the next series 2016?


Here’s the problem. Mister T-rex hurts his foot on one of the finest panels in comics history. Which makes him just a little slow to eat an antelopeosaur. Which makes him tired. Which keeps him from meeting the intended Mrs. T-rex at the proper moment. Which references the last panel. Realization. Oopsies!

This is a summer - okay, late Spring - blockbuster. Ought to sell a copy with every Jurassic World ticket if audiences knew what they were doing! Chrononauts one can go back and enjoy again immediately - now that Episode IV is wrapped up - which seems to be the thing to do. Part of that is enjoying the story in a different way once you know what happens. (You see, despite all delusions, Han shot first.) Part is binge-watching. Binge-reading. Whatever. Part is just letting the eyes dance around Sean’s art. Such good use of delighted-expression-with-big-eyes-and-pointy-nose to just the proper degree.

What an open story. One detail off, and a sequel is demanded! I do think, Mark, with Mr. O’Hara’s “special help” (which really makes me shudder when I think about it) you hit your tipping point. Right amount of action, explanation, diversion and your usual tactics. Just better.

Good job, all!


Is it just me or does Corbin’s dad a look like a dead ringer for Kurt Russell? Secret plot to get him in the movie I think.


Hahaha. I thought the same thing.


So, what could be better than Kurt with some Tarantino-inspired face fur?



@CHRONOMURPH - I just reread this issue and noticed something. Is that Thomas “Tombstone” McKael from Punk Rock Jesus in the prison scene at the end?


I still haven’t read this yet because I lost my copy of #3. I’m so jealous of everybody else.


Hello guys.
I have a question about issue four and I hope someone can answer it.
When Corbin says:“MONTY! Get a bazooka!” during his assault of Samarkand. Who is Monty???
Thank you.


He has armies and generals amassed from across time so I would guess it is this guy as he’s the most famous military Monty I know of: