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The Official Chrononauts #3 Thread!


Out today and featuring the best car chase in the history of any medium.

Here’s a preview:



Review from the Black, White and Read guys. They made it the book of the week. Book of the fricking year I say.


Just finished reading this.

What an incredibly fun, energetic, unpredictable and brilliantly-drawn issue. The car chase centerpiece was brilliantly done (and has convinced me more than ever that Edgar Wright needs to direct the movie of this - I want to see him edit the film version of that sequence!), but there were loads of great little smaller touches elsewhere too - especially when it comes to the absurd comedy of the situation (like the pink bathrobe) and the tiny details of Murphy’s artwork, which I found myself zooming-in on more than once as I read it.

Really great stuff.


I’ve been raving about this book since I got my first sneak peak, I think it’s simply fantastic. Joyful in ways few other books are. The leads are the spiritual successors to Blue & Gold in every way. From what bits and pieces I know about movie ideas, I have no doubt this is going to be a mega hit that the world will love, and each of these issues are going to be worth a fortune in the back issue market.


Oh man. Just in from a super early start in the pub but a top night. Jim and the dudes, thanks for the love on this. You know sean and I gone crazy for it and sequel countdown begins!!!




PS A sober correction:

*God BLESS that Sean Murphy fella!!

PPS Thanks for all the kind words both here and on Twitter. This issue seems to have gone down a storm and I think we’re sold out, which is great!!


Hahaha. Nice one, Chief. Here’s my review from the New Comics Thread.

Chrononauts #3 - Wow, this series is really going to be a wham, bam, thank you ma’am of a story. This story is literally and figuratively going full throttle towards the conclusion next issue and I love it. Murphy is one of the best guys in the business right now and I love how Millar is giving him room to stretch his all-out action/adventure scene skills. I also continue to enjoy Murphy’s obsession with the DeTomaso Pantera. I hope this series makes him enough to buy one. Keep up the great work. I can’t wait to read the next issue.


Oh, what a lovely week!
First we get Murphy and Millar setting the new standard for a chase sequence in comics (it blew me away gentlemen), then two days later the official release of George Miller’s Fury Road.

I think I am boiling over with childhood excitement.
It’s too much.

Thank you again Team Millarworld.

What a lovely week!
Darren, aged 38-30=8


Oh, and I forgot to mention the JFK bit. I loved that. The glint at the window to tip you off before the moment came was one of those little touches I really liked.


Glad you dig it, guys. That little extra effort (or rather HUGE extra effort) Sean puts into the details just makes this huge fun for me too.

It’s sad to finish next issue, but we’ve literally published two issues together as a double-sized finale so it’s really nice and roomy. I love that big third act vibe/ non stop feeling that a double sized conclusion gives, though not planning any more between now and the Chrononauts sequel next year. Jupiter’s Circle, Huck and the Secret Project all regular sized conclusions. Not sure what size the next Starlight series is going to be. Will be plotting it out on the other side of Summer.

I’m missing Corbin and Danny already. I finished this series last Autumn so it’s good to be getting into them again THIS Autumn.



It was enjoyably mental, and definitely the best car chase in histories. :wink:


So there’s going to be another Starlight…?

Does that constitute an announcement? :smile:

Good to know the Chrononauts sequel will be sooner rather than later too.


Corbin and Danny tread the fine line between total genius and utter stupidity.


I gave a talk this Friday at a local comics symposium, covering ways to generate new ideas for superheroes. Superheroes + Hammer Horror = Hellboy, that kind of thing. Just for a laugh I threw in Superheroes + Top Gear, with a big question mark.
Then I went home and read Chrononauts #3! Life can be weird sometimes.


Made an account just to say how much I’m loving Chrononauts! I’ve only recently been getting into comics (the new Star Wars stuff was my gateway drug), but Chronoauts is seriously one of the best comics I’ve ever read! I love the story, the artwork is amazing, and the colors are incredible and vibrant. Overall it’s just a hell of a lot of fun to read and leaves me grinning every time.
I’m sad that there’s only one issue left, but glad there’ll be a sequel at some point. I’ll have to check out some other Millar stuff in the meantime :slight_smile:


Welcome to Millaworld, Stephen. Please feel welcome to explore. Glad you’re liking Chrononauts. I’m obviously a huge Millar fan but there are also few artists I like more than Sean Murphy. They’re a really great team.


That’s what I love about them. They feel more fun and more real than most comic characters. Like you could just read a book of them have a night out on the town and you’d enjoy it. I miss characters with nice big flaws that are interesting, where you could read a story about them just being guys and it’d be great. I think we’ve kind of lost that with most characters today.


No one draws vehicles like Sean Murphy. In issue one though I was quite disappointed in the muted colors. I thought this was that big that I wanted them to burn my eyeballs out looking at the page. I was wrong. Matt Hollingsworth is bang on the money, this style suits this book down to the ground.


Thanks very much, guys, and welcome to the board, Stephen.

I miss these characters already. Sean handed in the final pages a week or two back, but I started the second storyline at the end of Summer and we’re releasing this time next year or thereabouts. I think we might go straight into the third volume though as we really, really enjoy this and it would be good to hovel three books out there for when the movie appears.