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The Official Age of Ultron Thread - Spoilers Ahoy!


Would a kind mod drop the other thread behind here? Thank ye in advance!!

Just back from the movie 2 mins ago. Enjoyed it. The best bit the Jarvis voice being replaced by Mrs Doyle from Fr Ted near the end. I also like the dialogue between Vision and Ultron just before he took him out (I did warn there were spoilers).

But biggest buzz in the hall had to be the Ant-Man trailer. People LOVED it and laughed about 3 times in a 2 min trailer. I think mighty Marvel have another Guardians on their hand. Good old Rudd has found his franchise!



Since this movie comes out this week in some territories, I guess it probably needs its own thread.

Usually the convention with dedicated movie threads is that spoilers are allowed, and I’m guessing that this is one that people are going to want to discuss at length, so reader beware!


The only potential problem starting it so early though Dave is that by the time people see it on maybe Wednesday or Thursday the thread will have dropped far down the board.

I have a cunning solution though. We can put in our own speculative spoilers until then to keep it active.

OMG I can’t believe they killed Hawkeye, just as Renner had finally nailed the character!


Surprising that they went for Paste-pot Pete as the overarching mastermind, but I thought it kind of worked.


It;'s about darn time The Enchantress makes her MCU debut!


There’s a pretty cool (but likely fake) post-credit scene doing the rounds at the moment that involves Spider-Man and a window cleaner. Pretty well put together and a fun idea, even if it isn’t the real thing.


Why did they make Cap’s battle-cry “Buttered Ravioli!!”?


I loved the Mark Millar cameo during the Glasgow battle scene!! About time they acknowledged his contributions!


It was a bit odd to have him playing She-Hulk though.


So spoiler me: how old was Ultron really? I think it was quite an original idea to make his age the central theme of the movie.


As old as his tongue and a little older than his teeth.


But not as old as his eyes, which Tony scavenged from a couple of really old webcams.


Another embarrassing Ultron secret: his cheeks are fan blades nicked from an old 486/33.


Apparently Whedon has today explicitly confirmed that the Spider-Man scene is a fake. I’m a little bit sad about that.

It was a really well-made fake though.


I thought the Watcher was a FF property… and why did he have adamantium claws?


Can we lose the blurs? It’s a spoiler thread after all!


Yes I don’t know why we started hiding the joke speculation behind spoilers.


Please, Mark. I’m having a hard enough time trying to teach the kids how to write and use spoiler tags! Just because they use them IN THE WRONG THREAD should not be a reason to make them stay after school!

Just to make it clear, a thread title with the word “(spoilers)” means there ARE going to be spoilers, so the writers does NOT have to use spoiler tags. In contrast, any thread that does NOT have “(spoilers)” in its title means the writer DOES have to use spoiler tags when revealing key information. Clear?


Joke speculation?! You mean these are all just LIES!!??


So reviews for Age of Ultron are starting to come in. The consensus seems to be that it’s starts strong but looses some of it’s cohesion as it goes on.

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