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The Obituaries Thread


I cried when I was reading about this, this morning. I’m not much of a crier but it just dug up memories of me growing up listening to them mixed with very raw memories of suicides I’ve been close to. Even writing that makes me fight welling up. I’ve been there, feeling what Liam wrote on the band’s Instagram. I feel for him and everyone close, it breaks my heart. The pain never seems to go away. There’s never any closure for suicide.

I honestly felt like Keith Flint was one of those Rolling Stones type rockstars who’d just live at 100mph forever.



Damn, that sucks. Was really hoping he’d pull through. 52 is crazy young. How sad.


God, Flint and Perry. :frowning:


Both too young to go. RIP.


Luke Perry suffered a worse CVA than my mom. My mom survived for four years, but her mind was gone. (THis taught me a lot about the nature of the human personality. The soul survives, and don’t give me any crap about it.) Very sad. He was a well-liked celebrity.


Been a shitty few days for this thread.


Luke Perry was the TV version of James Dean. His legacy ought to endure.




Fuck yeah.


Just actually seen this and posted it on my Facebook.

Speaks volumes.


She was the epitome of cool in her day.


She was. I bought into that whole thing as a kid. I think programming like that had a knock on effect to why 90s style and culture still seems current.





What an amazing body of work to leave behind.