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The Obituaries Thread


No mention of Blame it On Rio?..One of the creepiest films I’ve ever watched.






It’s kind of funny how all the obituaries I heard today pointedly didn’t mention that sketch. It’s a shame as it’s a great thing to be remembered for.



At a concert he conducted with the Grieg Concerto included in the program in Britain, Previn had to pause the playing to allow the audience time to stop giggling as they remembered the sketch. Previn himself recalled in 2005 that people in Britain still recall the sketch years later: “Taxi drivers still call me Mr Preview”.



About 18 months ago, I was at a rock gig where the singer announced: “This is a new song, and I’m not sure how well we’ll play it. We’ll probably play all the right notes, but–” He paused and the entire audience immediately responsed “–not necessarily in the right order!”

I’m not sure if that’s really what Mr Preview wanted to be remembered for, but he undoubtedly will be remembered.


Fuck Previn. He was a garbage human being:

In 1959, he married Dory Langan.[26] A singer-songwriter,[27] Dory became widely known as a lyricist with whom Previn collaborated on several Academy Award-nominated film scores during their marriage.[26] After Previn divorced her in 1969 during her hospitalization for a mental breakdown, and after Previn was caught having an affair with 23-year-old Mia Farrow, Dory resumed her career as a singer-songwriter with On My Way to Where (1970), a critically acclaimed album whose confessional lyrics were described as “searingly honest”, and chronicled both her mental health struggles and the infidelity that she alleged had at once precipitated the end of her marriage to Previn and exacerbated her intermittent mental illness.[26][28][29][30] In 2013, jazz singer Kate Dimbleby and pianist Naadia Sheriff revisited Dory Previn’s musical reflections on her marriage to André Previn in the London cabaret show, Beware Of Young Girls: The Dory Previn Story .[31][32]




That article on Katherine Helmond fails to mention that she was one of the stars of Terry Gilliam’s Brazil. Shame, shame.

Rest in Peace, Ms. Helmond.


I think Helmond was Gilliam’s muse, considering she was in a few of his movies.



This is quite a heartwarming article.


Apparently Keith Flint of the Prodigy has been found dead at his home.


I just saw the news myself.

A shame.


I hope this is true.


It is.


Then that brings a tint of happiness to an otherwise sad day.