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The Obituaries Thread




Frank Robinson and Albert Finney, 2 greats from my Childhood. All I can think of is “these things come in threes” and wonder who’s next.


Oh man, Finney was great.


Special condolences to @rocket and @Jim.


Yeah, had a whiskey last night for little Oreo.


He’ll be taken good care of in meme heaven by all of these legends…


Becoming a meme feels like wearing a red shirt in a Star Trek episode.


Wearing a red shirt is SO much safer!





There was a lot of dedications to him the last few days on BBC Radio one and Radio one Extra; UK rap is a pretty close knit group and he’s thought of as a veteran of the scene in many ways, he helped a lot of guys come up including Krept and Konan (I think one is a relation) though he’s never made a mainstream breakthrough.



The obituary doesn’t mention that he was also the original voice of Dr. Doom.




Someone will probably do a video of Hitler hearing that Ganz has died. I hope he would’ve found that funny. :slight_smile:

At the time of his death, Ganz was the holder of the Iffland-Ring, an accolade to the German-speaking actor judged “most significant and worthy”.

The ring is passed from person to person, and it is not yet clear who Ganz had intended it to transfer to on the occasion of his death.

I’d never heard of this. It’s very cool.


I watched Downfall and it was a very good movie. Ganz was fantastic in the role.



Bruno Ganz has died.
Ganz has died? Everyone who doesn’t know who he was leave the room.

Yeah, it’ll happen.