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The Obituaries Thread



He was one of those “I know that guy” actors. I love his scene in Terminator.


He was a very good actor; comedy, drama, horror, scifi, he always got the tone right.


Yeah, he was in an episode of Deep Space Nine I watched recently and said “Oh, that guy!” when he appeared.


I just saw Steve’s post and thought “hey, it’s that guy”!




Ibuprofen won’t cure that!

Sorry, bad joke. I owe a huge gratitude to this guy for clearing up my headaches.


Huge fan of his stuff on The News Quiz.


Damn, smart funny man, he was on TV a lot for a while, always great.


Ah shit. I loved Hardy’s stuff, and a friend of mine is a very good buddy of his - I hope she heard about it before seeing it in the news.


Damn, that shocked me. F’n cancer. I’m a huge fan of Clue, and always looked forward to his appearences. Can’t believe I won’t hear him “sing” again .




Keeping Up Appearances was so well written and acted that it feels current even nearly 30 years later. It has such a great timeless character tropes and Richard was the heart of the show, his reactions to Hyacynth as the put upon straight-man husband who clearly still loved her despite her behaviour gave her a redeeming quality.


Swift’s many roles included a part in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1972 film Frenzy and as King Arthur’s adopted father in 1981 film Excalibur.

EXCALIBUR is one of those films where each time I view it I spot another now-famous actor who was relatively unknown when he did this film. Next time I watch it I’m going to have to watch for Clive Swift.


One of my favourite moments of his was his infamous I-don’t-give-a-shit interview for Doctor Who Magazine.


Some of these musical tributes are fantastic.



That’s really sad, especially considering the circumstances and his age. My mom, aunt, and grandma watched Young & the Restless basically every day that I’ve been alive so I used to see a lot of it growing up.