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The Obituaries Thread


He was a filmmaker who didn’t look at things the same way anyone else did. RIP.


I swear, Laurel and Hardy’s Babes In Toyland leaves such deep emotional scars no one really recovers! So, that was the problem!


Damn, Ricky Jay died today too. What a day.



Ricky Jay was one of the best ‘hey, it’s that guy’ guys. I love that he was able to have a career just being who he was. Feels like more and more actors fit a certain mold, we need more actors and performers like Ricky Jay.



I loved him in Tomorrow Never Dies and Heist.




Rog from Men in Blazers wears a lapel button every episode. He was wearing a Ricky Jay button yesterday.
For people who don’t know what Men in Blazers is:



Sad news about Hillenburg; it would have been great to see what his next idea would be.


Hillenburg was a genius.

Quite the week.


Someone linked the Ocean Man song and I won’t lie…I kinda lost it.


Did a little research. I know Ricky Jay best from his role in the TV series FlashForward. Fascinating guy.





History will rightly acknowledge his good works as president. Rest in Peace, Mr. President.