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The Obituaries Thread


65 is an early age for a billionaire. I know Steve Jobs died at 56, but he chose to try alternative therapies for his cancer and they weren’t effective.


I hate to sound mercenary, but who gets his guitars? Paul Allen was always my favorite for what he did with his money. If I recall, he was a big Jimi Hendrix fan, and has tons of original stuff. I hope it is all well preserved in his memory!



I just heard the sad news that Anthea Bell has died.

It’s no exaggeration to say that she was one of the comics writers that had the biggest influence on me as a kid, particularly when it came to her humour and wordplay. Such a great translator.

(She and Derek Hockridge often had to contribute completely new wordplay (and/or literary and cultural references) because the originals just didn’t translate out of French.)


Ashamed to say I didn’t know her name, but I certainly read loads of her work.






One of the actual fans of Dude, Where’s My Car?. Sorry to hear this.



Another fun and versatile actor who brought life to many little roles, and occasionally got a chance to do a lot more.



Mick Gray posted that. So I told the story of my first big concert at the Inglewood Forum. Creedence Clearwater Revival headlined (as a trio), and the show opened with Tower of Power. Middle act had just replaced Booker T. & the MGs, and it was Tony Joe White. He was really good! Saw him later at the Palomino or Troubadour in a rather blurry recollection. Good writer.




I’ve only just saw that Breyfogle has passed on.

I don’t follow this thread.

I’ve literally just found out an image at the back of chapter 4 of Witching Hour and ran a search on here to see if there was anything said.

Between Breyfogle and Ezquerra this is an awful double gut punch.

Grant and Breyfogle was really the Batman I grew up loving, his art was plastered all over my bedroom wall, as were my attempts to copy it.

He was still relatively young, this is really sad, two legendary comic book artists in the space of a few weeks.




And exactly why I sports-hated the friggin’ Giants. It was fun to boo them, as they really didn’t like it. But, what a player!