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The Obituaries Thread


I swear, I thought he died about three years ago.



I always thought he would’ve been great in a gritty cop show. Which is typecasting I admit, but he had real gravitas, plus he was funny.

He was still attending screenings and (I heard) still working on projects. I hope ‘Star Wars’ gave him real satisfaction, as well as a good income.


The 10 minute sequence that introduces the Colonial Marines might just be my favorite 10 minutes of cinema ever. It’s fantastic the way they introduce the characters, give them rheie own personality and make them real. I can almost recite the entire sequence from memory. It’s written amazingly well. Repeat any line and most likely someone else will get the reference.

Do the thing with the knife.
She thought they said illegal alien signed up.
Have you ever been mistaken for a man?
You look just like I feel.
A day in the marine core is like a day on the farm!
You heard the man, you know the drill. Assholes and elbows.

It’s just amazing, and it’s made great by two actors - Bill Paxton and Al Matthews.

RIP Apone. I wish I’d seen you have a bigger career. You were great.


The nonchalant way he told that story on the Aliens Quadrilogy DVD special features was hilarious.


Pretty good voice too judging by his one top 20 hit they mentioned.



As an architectural student in the late 70s, Robert Venturi was a polarizing influence – half the students (and professors) loved his “more is more” philosophy, while the other half was horrified by his audacity.




I had to look him up as I didn’t immediately recognize the name:

That’s a pretty famous image.


I’m gutted. He was my Batman artist. His Batman and his batmobile were amazing.

58 for gods sake. The stroke he had meant he couldn’t draw very well anymore. He was active on Facebook though.


I followed him on Facebook.

He had a stroke December 2014 and was learning to draw again with his other hand.

I always liked his art. He will be missed.


I’m devastated. My all time favourite Batman artist. Really sad news.


Bless Norm. Produced some of my favorite art. I did not know he had a major CVA eight years ago. That’s really tough. (My mom’s last four years were in a facility, stroked out. I do not speak of it lightly.) My condolences to his family and friends, as well as my thanks for taking care of him.


Me too. After the hype with the Burton movie it wasn’t long before Alan Grant and Norm Breyfogle took over Batman and defined it for many years.

Before his illness I never quite understood why he was no longer doing superhero books, he was working for Archie, seems a waste when he was so good as Batman artist. His legacy will live on, creator of the Ventriloquist and others.


When I first moved from the DC Egmont UK Annual reprints he was one if the first artists I read Batman in, in the small normal sized American editions that had finally started getting through to newsagents near me.

I also loved his name, he sounds to me like he was born to draw Batman.


Oh wow, the opening arc of ancillary 90s Batman title “Shadow of the Bat” was one of my earliest Batman reads, and I then loved his work on Malibu/Ultraverse’s (sorely under-rated) Prime.

About ten years back I bought his entire 'Tec run in floppies from Mile High or some other online retailer and loved them.


RIP Norm.

I loved his first book LotDK, which were mainly written by Alan Grant, especially two - part story, Ratcatcher. Also, The Last Arkham is already classic. I admire his dark, moody art. Also, his Batman is universal, in probably due to Breyfogle’s ability to differentiate Batman from panel to panel (just look at smaller details, like ears or span between ears, cape, etc), and yet, as soon as you see it, you can immediately single out - “It’s Breyfogle’s Batman!”