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The Obituaries Thread




A really good friend of mine and I love Smokey and the Bandit. He’s a guy I can call up at any time of the day and say “Daddy my hat flew off!”
And he’ll reply immediately with “I wish your head was in it!”


What a dude. It’s notable that among all the remembrances, there’s a uniform view that he was a genuinely nice guy.



You’re not watching them properly :wink:



She was promoting her book this year and I didn’t go to any of the events (there were two at the Phoenix Arts Club), as other things got in the way.



Valeria :heart_eyes:








I grew up staying up late and watching IBAROTN with my dad when he wasn’t on an over-night shift. Norden seemed like a lovely man.



Chaz from Chaz and Dave has passed away. He beat cancer not long ago and they released an album so I’m not sure if it returned or there if is other causes.

I’ve loved that cockney piano sound from when I was really young.


It was just mentioned on the news on the radio. “Organ failure” is being given as the cause of death.


That time when one thinks one is “over” cancer is most dangerous. We try to make up for lost time and push limits, forgetting that not only did the cancer do us damage, so did the cure.