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The Obituaries Thread


A stalwart of British TV for decades.





Sad. Although some liked them ‘ironically’ in recent years, I always thought they were very solid comedy performers, who made kids laugh a lot. There was a lot of warmth there too.

And they were always happy to make themselves look stupid for a gag.




I don’t like Mark Lawson at the best of times, but this tone-deaf obituary piece barely manages to disguise its sneering and dismissive attitude.

Why not get someone who can actually write warmly about the man?


So young.






Very sad, undoubtedly one of the greatest voices of all time.




A remarkable voice really, the way she never seemed to sing the same song the same way. Music seemed to flow through her, and at times she just didn’t let the words or the song structure get in the way of what she felt was right. It feels like her life would have been incredibly tough except for her talent finding the right place at the right time, and she feels like someone that had incredible natural talent doing what she was put here to do. Certainly one of a kind, I’m glad she seemed to have successful career for as long as she did.



One of the joys of the early Sixties was the arrival of Motown, R&B, soul, and the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin. She was there for the riots. There for the moon landing. There through Vietnam and Iraq I and II. She sang. And people listened. Don’t recall people being mad at Aretha or holding her up as a symbol of discord. She sang. She sang to white boys and brown girls. Sang with choirs and rockers.

Thanks, Aretha.