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The Obituaries Thread


No, had not. There’s so much to get to, so little time!

(And my right eyeball needs work again, it’s getting real slow to read or watch.)


It’s a good documentary with some great interview segments (and despite the lack of Ditko). Worth watching if only for the Alan Moore and Stan Lee bits.

I remember watching it when it first went out and feeling like it was the first comics documentary to really treat its subject seriously and in the depth it deserved.


Yeah I linked it heavily here when it first appeared on Youtube which is why I’m sure Ronnie is surprised Miqque missed it. It’s an excellent doc, at the height of his powers Jonathan Ross really used his star power to get some really good nerdy stuff on the TV.

Normally this would be made on the cheap, not flying them out to New York, not getting all the big names like Moore and Stan Lee and Gaiman on it.


Yeah, I remember it getting a bit of a second life on YouTube, I’m glad it was made available as it deserves to be seen as widely as possible.


I’ve noticed the BBC tend to have a policy with streaming of how much resale value there is in their products. You’ll never find an episode of a drama series or sitcoms on Youtube which they can sell in box sets (or at least not for long before they have it taken down) but panel shows, chat shows and documentaries they seem to be happy to just leave up on there.


I hadn’t ever thought of that but you’re right - my daughter has recently got into watching Would I Lie To You? and there are tons of episodes on YouTube, whereas they’re very careful with protecting their drama stuff.


Yeah you can watch every episode of Have I Got News For You but you won’t ever get more than a clip of Doctor Who.



I loved this book as a kid.



I thought Jo Ann Worley was married to somebody. Also, caught both the Count Iorga movies last weekend. RIP.





Damn, this is a bummer. I know him best from his apperences as a regular panellist on Colliders YouTube channel. He always seemed like a cool guy, that had a big love for the geek culture…