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For those raised in the UK;

Clangers co-creator Peter Firmin dies aged 89

Peter Firmin, the co-creator of Clangers, Bagpuss and Basil Brush, has died at the age of 89, it has been confirmed.

Mr Firmin also helped create other classic children’s shows such as Ivor the Engine and Noggin the Nog.

He died at his home in Kent after a short illness, Clangers production company Coolabi said.
Mr Firmin received the Bafta Lifetime Achievement Award in 2014.

He leaves behind his wife Joan, six daughters and numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren.




Sad, sad news.



That’s a family that has to work really hard to wring any joy from life. Sending a big hug to Tina and Craig’s siblings.




Who knows how much different Spider-Man and Dr. Strange would have been if not for him?


Deserves its own thread to be honest. Damn.



The third (and, sadly, final) time Harlan went out of his way to step on my foot was at the UCLA Student Union, where there was the most amazing collection of authors creating something called Harlan’s World. The panel (see below) was amazing, and after two-plus hours of talk and designing a world (we all got the syllabus) the authors had time to chat with the audience. Harlan came by and crunched me (he wore Oxfords, not Brogues, and I quite remember hard leather into tennis shoe). Frank Herbert and I chatted about the Washington-Oregon coast. I don’t think I spoke with Fred Pohl or Kate Wilhelm (Kate, IIRC, was surrounded by people) but I did talk with the others. (It’s a skill.)

For years I had that syllabus, signed by everybody there! A prized possession, lost to the Cosmos. At the moment, I’m sure Harlan is nagging Ditko to draw a story of his!

BTW, I hear Harlan’s World is a planet in Altered Carbon.


There is, but if it’s a reference to Ellison I don’t think it goes any further than the name.


Just what I read, that it was put in as a homage. The original idea and panel would have worked incredibly well on a modern cable platform with intricate story lines and multiple amazing locations. But it was the mid-Eighties!



Man, did he get some work or what? Solid career!



There’s a short obit on IMDb about Ditko, which mentioned this, which Paul Tuma immediately found. Go, Wossy…


Had you not seen it before, Miqque? It made its rounds here a while back.