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The Obituaries Thread


Ah shit. I need to get Vulgar Display Of Power on and hear the man at his best.


Yeah. The news came on the radio and they immediately played Walk.


I’ve just put it on. Mouth For War is such a tremendous opener.


Some nice condolence messages here.




More to come. Turns out lots of folks loved Koko.




She’ll be reunited with her kitten.



A legend.


Harlan made a mark on my life. And on my foot. The literary giant went out of his way on three separate occasions to step on my foot. He explained he did not like tall people. I explained he would like me whether I was tall or not. That particular argument is to be continued! L’chaim, Harlan! To your life!


Damn. I see it being tweeted a lot.

A legend, and a legendary character.


I remember Harlan complaining about the changes made to his Star Trek script.

Originally, a crewmember had a drug problem instead of McCoy getting shot with a hypospray and going a little crazy. The powers that be did not want people with drug problems in the future, so they went with McCoy as the one who changed the past.

It still remains as one the best episodes of TOS.

RIP Harlan.


If you want to see how that material might have worked, take a look at the graphic novel OHC IDW did a few years back Al.


A gifted writer and general curmudgeon, Harlan Ellison was a true visionary creator. So many great short stories, so many amazing television screenplays. RIP


Dave Gibbons, Frank Miller, Lein Wein, Harlan and Susan Ellison at SDCC some time in the 1980s.

I only read today that he helped edit Strangers in Paradise (in a tweet from Terry Moore), was he ever credited with that? I can’t say I noticed.



Young firebreather. Another on the way.