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Another suicide it seems.




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He’ll be much mourned in this part of the world. He’s probably made Penang and Singapore billions of dollars in food tourism over the years.

(This shop is about 10 mins drive away from my house, but I don’t like Laksa!)


Bourdain dying crushes me. Man is a legend in our industry. Everyone I know has read his books.


Oh my God. I absolutely loved Bourdain! He was the sort of man who seemed like he would live forever, too. That’s just… I’m struggling to get my head round it!


The mood in our restaurant is somber as fuck right now. Kitchen Confidential is like a bible around here. It’s really jarring.



It’s astonishing Sienkiewicz can just throw these works of art together in a couple of hours.


I’ll admit I had had honestly never heard of the man before, except, I’ve literally just finished the last issue of his Hungry Ghosts from Dark Horse. It’s been a really well-written series, very dark stories but with a strong feeling that the writer has a great love for the cultures and folktales he’s writing about. I don’t know how that stacks up against his other work, but I’d guess that anyone who’s read his books would enjoy this.






More info.

I suspect we will hear more about this. (Do I have an opinion already? Why, yes. Yes, i do!)





Wasn’t that last year?


Dateline today.