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The Obituaries Thread


I just spent 30 mins watching old clips form the first 2 Superman movies. They really are magnificent, and Christopher Reeve as Superman will never be topped. They’re a stark difference to the Marvel movies of today, they’re slow and focus on the actors and use action sparingly. There’s something genuine and wonderful about that. It’s like would food watching them, they somehow make you feel better and more relaxed. We don’t seem to have many movies like that these days.


The thing about the Avengers movies is that being superheroes is a completely abstract concept. They’re only concerned with outlandish villains. Even WWII is only about the villains hiding behind the Nazis. Real people don’t exist. That’s a lot of superhero storytelling, sure, but it shouldn’t be the whole thing.


Let’s not drift this thread too far off into another Marvel/DC movie one, we have plenty already doing that.

RIP Margot Kidder, she was great in that role.


I honestly forgot which thread I was replying in. Happy that Kidder got to clean up her life before she died. A true superhero.


I love the first ‘Superman’ film, the Smallville stuff is Norman Rockwell made into a movie, with an added Kryptonian.

The action hasn’t aged as well as the rest, and ‘Superman II’ definitely suffers as a result but those films were PERFECTLY cast. Heroes, villains, comic relief and supporting characters.

They’re milestones in cinema, superhero or otherwise.

Just to add, the movie version of Krypton remains my favourite version.


Yeah, his art is superb.