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The Obituaries Thread





Cremation, I assume?








She fought the bipolar battle. I do believe she won.


I literally just watched Superman for the first time today, and had just put on Superman 2.


Deserves its own thread to be honest. Her Lois was just as iconic as Reeve’s Clark and she was great in a few horror and thriller films, particularly “Sisters”. She is one of the greats of genre movies.


A quick search online confirms this (a bunch of French websites and The Sun).

Sad news. I very much enjoyed XIII.




These were in my Deviantart inbox:


News of Tom Wolfe’s death may be overshadowed by that of Margot Kidder, but his BONFIRE OF THE VANITIES was a brilliant novel that pointed its spotlight on the dirty corners of racism, police brutality, the gap between classes of society, journalistic ethics, and other burning issues 30 years ago that are just as poignant today.


Never read the book, saw the movie.


Not a bad film, but this is truly a case where “the book is better”.


If it’s not the Donner cut of Superman II, get it. The Donner cut really focuses on Lois trying to prove Clark’s true identity. The scene when she finally catches him is pure gold and the best Lois Lane sequence on film. It was cut from the theatrical release.
RIP Margot, you were my first crush.