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The Obituaries Thread


She was a legend whose impact on American stand-up comedy is still felt today.



Both Mitzi and Pauley were on the fringes of my outer social circle for a while. Comedy Store went through hard times, but was an ultimate success. Pauley tried hard, personally I didn’t find him naturally funny. Both have had influence, and I bet Mitzi’s funeral will have some rather roasting features.


I did not realize until now that Pauly Shore was Mitzi Shore’s son. She is a chapter in American comedy; Pauly is a footnote.


See I thought, “I’ve never heard of her but that must be Pauly Shore’s mom”. I think it must be a generational thing.


In those days in Whollyweird news somehow got around. Pauly is younger than me (I think), but there were other ties. Pat Collins, the “Hip Hypnotist” was making money on the Sunset Strip - a club or shows and maybe there was a Playboy connection? Time fades memory. Anyhow, Pat’s daughter went to school with me and my friends, a flaming hot number in any time period. (One friend dated her a while.) They knew Mitzi Shore and her hard work getting a pure comedy club going. There were tons of comedians around (and in NYC and Vegas, mainly) but nowhere to work other than as an emcee or such. (Got a lot of this from my friend Bob before he passed, as he even headlined a few times in Vegas ab Bobby G.) Both the Comedy Store and Laff Factory had hard births! From what I gather, there was also the time of the rise of punk clubs, and, somehow, they drew audiences from the same well? Anyhow, the idea is there was a word-of-mouth internet thing among people (who used to talk to each other) and definitely both Shores got on that map.

Sorry for babbling on, but it kind of opened a window.
(I think it was Collette Collins. Good lawd amighty!)


Pauly’s 50.


Yeah. I forgot for a moment. Everybody’s younger than me. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Kinda stands to reason when this was the first comic you read. :wink:






That’s sad. A great directing talent.




He was a great character actor.




He did some really fine work as an actor. A lot of authority figures, but he had range and played other roles too.


You know someone has done a good job when their performance becomes the archetype for that kind of character.



That’s awful! He also played humorist Dave Barry in Dave’s World, which for me was a bigger role than Night Court, though I enjoyed both shows.