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The Obituaries Thread



His impact on television cannot be overstated. He is one of the reasons we have the high quality of television we currently enjoy today.



Bochco was one of the best (especially when working with David Milch). Hill Street Blues remains one of my all-time favorite, and NYPD BLue and L.A. Law were darned good, too. Also a cancer fighter/survivor.


No love for Cop Rock?


er, none whatsoever. We all have hiccups.


Honestly, it was about 20+ years too early. It did pave the way for musical shows we’ve had in the last 10 years.


There’s a great couple of quotes in that article:

Bochco noted that the “religious right” paid for ads lambasting the show’s sex, language and immorality before NYPD Blue even aired.

“They created a stir that no publicity machine in the world could duplicate,” he recalled. “And thank God they did, because given all the anxiety about the show, if we had faltered a moment in the ratings then, I think we would have been gone in three weeks. But we came out of the chute huge.”

NYPD Blue went on to win 20 Emmys. (Bochco later sued Fox over the sale of reruns to its sister company FX, saying the “sweetheart deal” deprived him of fair-market value.)

Asked about his producing style in the TV Archive interview, Bochco said his was “not a producing style, it’s a lifestyle.”

He added: “Years and years ago I worked for a producer who taught me more about how not to behave than how to behave. One of the most valuable lessons I ever had. This individual said to me, ‘You get shit on by the people above you, and you shit on the people below you.’ I thought, ‘Hah, there’s a life lesson.’

“I figure if you turn that upside down, you’re on to something. So what you try to do is never shit on the people below you and only shit on the people above you. That always seems to work.”



I guess this is supposed to be for current deaths only, but 20 years ago today:


One of the very small number of musicians I regret not seeing live and now never will :frowning:


Noel Gallagher is still alive!


Yeah, but I think David is saying he hasn’t done anything of any worth in those twenty year.


That suggests he ever did anything of worth.


He stopped making music with his brother.


The Tale of Princess Kaguya and Grave of the Fireflies are among my favourite-ever movies. :frowning:







Growing up in NYC, I had the pleasure of watching The Chuck McCann Show in the mid-1960s; my brother and I preferred him over Captain Kangaroo, Soupy Sales, and other kids-show hosts of that era. I’m saddened by the news of his death.