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The Obituaries Thread


Very sad news. I love his scores for Arrival and Sicario. Those movies wouldn’t be as great as they are without his mood-defining contributions. The way he captured awe in Arrival is a big reason why it’s my favorite movie of the last 5 years.




R.I.P. #RegECathey. What an incredible actor and presence. I loved him in everything he did; his characters breathed truth and integrity. This was a tough portrait to get through.

Marty Allen.



I’m shocked.

I thought he died years ago.


He hasn’t been in good health for a while and hasn’t been in the public for some time because of that.


I did too, but I looked him up after he showed up as a character on The Crown S2.


I saw him speak at a football stadium about 35 years ago. It was an amazing event, the atmosphere in the stadium was like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. At the end, when he called people to come down and be blessed (or whatever it was), it was actually really hard to sit still and not flock down with everybody else.


She was very funny in Vicar of Dibley.





Still stunned at Bill, but the tragedies should not land on his children. Ensa supported him. His son was shot and killed near the Getty Center (by the 405 freeway) in the late '90’s, IIRC. I feel bad for Camille.




May he rest in peace.




A very versatile actor, but I will mostly remember him for being funny in a lot of things.