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The Obituaries Thread


I think you misunderstand/miscategorize what sci-fi/fantasy is. Also, no one in the bookselling business cares. Categorization makes so many things easier.

Sci-fi has been social commentary from the very beginning though. The Time Machine is much more about the class system than it is about actual time travel for instance. Setting things slightly outside of everyday society allows for much more exploration with what the ideas actually mean and doesn’t get as mired in everyday politics.


Why, thank you.



People can categorise themselves any way they want, but the rest of society may or may not agree with that choice.

LeGuin wrote scifi. I’m a little sad she wasn’t comfortable with the label, it speaks to years of problems that culture and pop culture have struggled with, but it’s what she wrote, for most of us.


I would not call myself a fan, not in the stalking-Millar sense. But over the decades I’ve probably seen forty or fifty of Miller’s huge catalog. Want outdoor adventure? The real deal? Just pick any Warren Miller film, it’s chock-full of adventure and great photography. R.I.P.

This is the man to teach Jesus to ski!


Omid Nooshin wasn’t a famous filmmaker yet, but I helped on his pitch for his first film and I thought he was going to have a long and successful career.

43 is tragically young. :frowning:




I love every line Mort Walker ever drew and every line anybody uttered.
Big life influence. I always could relate to how he drew Beetle after Sarge finished beating him up. That sort of thing was once common. And he evolved over the years - new characters, new themes.

Much respects.


Insert lazy self assembly coffin joke here <<


More on this:

I think it’s a bit unfortunate that they couldn’t find any pictures of him to use other than ones in-character for Maid Marian.




Shouldn’t he have Beetle’s helmet, though?



Good riddance.


What do we know about him that I don’t know about him?

Accused. Hmm. I’d think “guilty”?


According to that story he already pleaded guilty.


It really displays that it’s a mental imbalance I think.

We normally view paedophiles as sad anorak types that struggle with social interaction but ‘Puck’ was the handsome hunk/jock of the show. Ian Watkins from the Lost Prophets was a cool metal lead singer who could have all the groupies he wanted. Both basically rich, famous and good looking.


TMZ is on in 15 minutes. No doubt I’ll process that better.