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The Obituaries Thread


I remember enjoying A Year In Provence.



Very sad. Zombies I follow of FB, as they’re as ancient as I am and still touring. This was bloody sad.


Living to age 76 is fairly respectable, particularly for a rock musician. RIP Jim Rodford








I read the Earthsea trilogy in school.

A Lathe of Heaven was all right…

Sad to hear she is gone.




LeGuin bristled at being called a science fiction writer. She called herself a novelist and poet, and did not want to be pigeonholed into a specific genre. In spite of that, she clearly is one of the greatest writers in the SF and fantasy fields.


She was an amazing writer with a unique, always relevant take on the world. RIP.

The Dispossessed is one of my favorite sci-fi novels ever. I need to read more of her stuff; Earthsea and Left Hand of Darkness have been on my list for a while.


I’m with her on this. Bookstores and libraries, however, choose to categorise by setting instead of theme. R.I.P. Ursula.


It’s a bit pretentious really. I’m glad sci-fi has it’s own section. I think it is a prestige that it has it’s own grouping that isn’t insignificant. It also helps guide me to the part of the bookstore I actually want to shop in.


“Pretentious? Moi?” Sybil Fawlty - ‘The Psychiatrist’.

Seriously Ronnie, I’m a pulp man through and through. I read nothing but books from the SF&F shelves for decades. It’s just that once I broadened my purchases to other shelves, I found that any two books from opposite ends of the shop were just as likely to have similar characteristics than any two from only the SF shelf.

For example, Asimov’s ‘The Caves of Steel’ has got far more in common with Raymond Chandler’s books than Peter F. Hamilton’s (God, I’ll never get those 30 hours back). Bester’s ‘The Stars My Destination’ is more ‘The Count of Monte Christo’ than ‘Dune’.

The range of novels on SF&F shelves is far too broad to be penned in the way it is. Saying you only like SF is like saying I only like books set in the New York. I’m happy to compromise though, if they put all the shit SF&F in one section (so I know to avoid it), and the good stuff mixed in with ‘fiction’. :wink:


I understand LeGuin’s desire not to be pigeonholed. While being categorized in a bookstore makes it easier for a SF/fantasy fan to find her novels, it also potentially alienates her from people who don’t visit that section because they don’t like much of what the genre offers. Left Hand of Darkness is a great novel that raises questions about sexual identity (among other things) that might be of interest to a mainstream reader, but if that person does not explore the SF section, they’ll never find the book.


Mark E Smith of the Fall passed away today.


aw, shit.