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The Obituaries Thread


I found her very funny as a kid, especially on Russ Abbot’s show. Great that she was still working into her eighties.



Wow. That’s young. I haven’t heard from her in a while but The Cranberries were pretty omnipresent during my high school years.


That’s terribly sad. I really love the sound of the Cranberries and listen to them all the time. Her voice is magic, a more rock minded Enya with that beautiful Irish lilt embedded in every line she sang. I am so proud that they are from Ireland, one of the acts that makes Ireland special on the music scene. I can’t believe we’ll never hear a new song from her. This was my favorite of theirs:




Damn. They were huge when I was in middle school and her voice was really cool and instantly recognizable. 46 is way too young…


Cranberries were really a big part of the 90’s for me.

And my first proper job after college, the guy two desks down from me would listen to Zombie every morning when he got into work.


I love singers that use their own accents. It adds so much colour to a world that usually has some mid atlantic standard singing voice.

Dolores was great, The Proclaimers, Cerys Matthews, The Arctic Monkeys singing in fluent Sheffield, Bjork’s Icelandic lilt.

The Cranberries were played a lot during my college years and you kind of absorbed them by osmosis whether you bought their records or not, this one was my favourite. It’s a great song and the video too reminds me of the kind of places my family hung out, social clubs with cheap pints. There’s not exactly any significant difference between an Irish small town and a Welsh one, everything in the video just looks like my childhood.

Rest in peace Dolores.



Only in that accent do ‘guns’ and ‘bombs’ rhyme. :kissing_heart:


Damn. And I bet she got treatment, too. She touched many people.




Peter Wyngarde slipped off the radar for many years, but he was a very popular actor in the 1970s, appearing in films and TV and getting his own detective series ‘Jason king’.

Nostalgia and retro-chic gave him a bit of a cult following in the 90’s and a lot of his work was repeated on TV again.

He was 90.


He was a huge influence on comics, Chris Claremont and John Byrne’s reworking of Mastermind in the Dark Phonenix Saga was was physically based on him (and given the real name Jason Wyngade), he was the basis for Jon Six/Big Malkie in The Invisibles, and of course played Klytus in Flash Gordon…


Flash Gordon was likely the first time I heard his voice. His old TV shows didn’t come back for another decade.


He was one of those people I ended up knowing more through the things he influenced than directly. Which probably says a lot about how far his influence spread.

This famous ad will always make me chuckle.


‘Department S’ is worth watching. It’s a spy show with that sort of 70’s weirdness, solving impossible mysteries of the sort Steed and Mrs Peel would encounter, or even Scooby Doo and the gang, as some of it is (on the surface) spooky or sci-fi.

Progressively for the time, their overall boss was black, I’m sure that upset the National Front supporters out there, the ones who could operate a TV set anyway.


It’s one of those shows I’ve always heard about but never seen. I should give it a try.


The family tradition we’ve had for some years of strawberries and champagne for Christmas breakfast is due to Jason King’s slightly more regular habit. Legend.