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The Obituaries Thread


Bill said yesterday his Della Reese took about 50 minutes.



David Cassidy.

Personal notes. Here’s what my li’l sis says:

My Dad was in the famous “Partridge Family gets hosed by a skunk” episode. Here he is acting opposite Shirley Jones but that dreamy David Cassidy is right behind her. Dad was also friends with Jack Cassidy, another tragic loss. RIP David Cassidy. From everything I was told, a sweetheart and a gentleman.

Dad is Bob Gibbons, playing the desk clerk. He did a ton of these parts.



Jim Nabors was a gifted comedic actor, but he also had a beautiful singing voice, almost operatic. RIP



Fans of Pink Floyd’s THE WALL have heard Jim Nabors’ voice on the song “Nobody Home”. At about the 2:45 mark you can hear his Gomer Pyle character saying his signature phrase “Surprise, surprise, surprise” on the television in the background.


Difficult to overstate what a huge star Hallyday was in France. He’s obviously best known for his music but I’ll always remember him best for his wonderful role in a hidden gem of a film called L’homme du train that came out in the early 2000s.



That’s very, very sad. I think porn stars are treated and looked at horrendously, attitude wise, by many of the same people wanking off to them day in, day out. Out of the porn stars I know, which, because I have the internet, is all of them, she seemed a pretty nice person off-camera. But then most of them do, I’ve found.

Suicide is such a bane at this time of year. It’s five years this week since a close friend committed suicide while staying with me after having come home from abroad. It’s utterly depressing to me anytime someone feels the need to jump off the train, even worse when, as it looks like in this instance, bullying self righteous assholes pushed them. Heartbreaking.



I think I’m going to stick to the “if you can’t say anything nice” rule here.



Aww, that’s a shame. He became a bit of a punchline over the years, but he was a steady presence on telly for years.



Being American I’m not too familiar with his stuff, but he was hilarious in Life’s Too Short.


That’s a damned shame. He seemed an honorable person.