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The Obituaries Thread


I always enjoyed his programmes, and his larger-than-life personality.


Same here. Sad news. On the other hand, he was 80.



He was good in a lot of stuff.






A longer obit at Rolling Stone. I did not know of the dementia - that’s very sad.




Last night, Steve Morse played a the riff from You Shook Me All Night Long as part of his solo. I had heard the news literally an hour earlier, and judging by the roar from the crowd everybody else had too :frowning:


It’s a shame that this isn’t being reported given who his most famous co-star was. I’ve seen people on FB call the lack of reporting “Racism” but IMO, it’s more likely that That Person’s co-stars are victims too, though of course not as much as his real victims.


He was also Panthro on the original Thundercats.


Note: Manson kicked it. Yay!

Now back to our regular sorrow, the great Mel Tillis.


This is a sad one. Always a bit upsetting to hear about sportsmen/women - people who’s job is to be fit and healthy - dying young.





Bill S is just a genius, you know by the timing that he’s doing these obituary pics in a couple of hours. Oh for that level of talent.

He just added Sharon Tate, rather than bother with you know who.