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The Obituaries Thread


I’ve seen that self destructive trait in men and women (in various ways). It’s almost as if we don’t believe we should be allowed to excel or even be deeply happy and content. I suppose our humour informs that - The happy go lucky nature of not taking life seriously - There were people swimming in Galway this afternoon during the current Hurricane, in 90 degree winds. Swimming. In a hurricane. “But, sure where else would you get it?”


Of course we could just a nation of in bred idiots.


There is that Behan line about how some countries have a nationality but the Irish have a psychosis.

I find it weird that people can talk about something being un-American, but we don’t really have the same concept of being Irish. Being Irish was always defined by what you weren’t.


I listened to Sean Hughes’ podcast he was doing until very recently where he was very open. He had stopped drinking a few years ago and was, at least by his own account, living a fairly healthy lifestyle. So the early heart attack rather surprised me, maybe he did enough damage previously or it was just genetic and bad luck, he seemed to be in a good place and relatively happy although he always had a melancholy character.



Antichrist Superstar is one of the best metal albums of the 90s, and I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise.


The oddest part is this tag at the end of the article.

Paul J Weitz was born on 25 July 1932 in Erie, Pennsylvania.
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Even dead, he’s still got the write stuff?


It’s the account of Paul Rincon, the science editor who posted the piece.


Okay, that makes sense, and even more makes for an awkward bit!


I mostly know him from Sports Night.


I loved Benson when I was a kid.


Me too. Theme tune is up there with some of my favourites!


Perhaps my favorite scene with Guillaume:


The sheer mention of Benson has me humming it to myself.