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The Obituaries Thread


He had a short-lived sketch show/sitcom years ago that I remember enjoying.


Ah hell, I loved his stuff. Saw him live a couple of times and all


I LOVED Sean’s show. The theme tune still pops into my head every now and again. Far, far too young.


I’ve never heard of that. I mostly only knew him from NMTB (where he was always a lot of fun) and, weirdly, acting in The Last Detective.


I think that’s probably true for most people, that show gave him a much higher profile.


Sean’s Show was amazing. It broke the 4th wall at literally every opportunity, he’d run up into the audience and ask their opinion on what his character in the show would do. One time they cam back from the ad break and he was sitting up there singing…


It’s made me want to dig out my DVD and rewatch it. I think they only ever released the first series.


The second series is all up on Sean’s YouTube channel!


Poor Sean. I wonder if his socks ever dried.


He was the record company guy in the Commitments as well wasn’t he?


Dave from Eejit records, yeah


The breaking of the fourth wall in it had such an effect on me that I think that since then, I’ve always had a real love for it. There has to be a good reason Kuffs is my favourite film I suppose.


This is a nice obituary piece.



Sean always struck me as a very Irish personality. Rebellious and angry and troubled and disfunctional, yet funny and light and joyful. Someone who seemed to never get what they wanted, maybe because they didn’t know what they wanted. Like something broke when they were young and they spent the rest of their lives never really recovering. He reminded me very much of a friend of mine from school who’s also had a bit of a mixed up life. It seems to be a common Irish dilemma. I’m not surprised he died so young, it feels like it was his destiny from when he was a young man.


Yeah, you’ve just described a few people I’ve known who’ve gotten so far in life, usually very, very good at a particular thing - comedy, music, football maybe - and couldn’t seem to find any contentment and were too dysfunctional to have the sum of their parts come together. Alcohol and drugs can be a common theme there, too, both can be hard to escape in this country as they are so worn into the fabric of everyday life, especially alcohol and even if you aren’t drinking on a daily basis, that drunken energy kind of infects everything, anyway. As a result, many become frozen at a certain point and genius can just whittle away to fuck all.

A guy who plays international football was talking about marking Robben while getting wasted in my local bar at the weekend. He’s young but his career is on the wane rather than on the way up and he doesn’t seem interested in changing that. North and South I think we’ll always have people who are good at things who never end up quite complete.


I’ve read somewhere that the Irish mind is one of the most inventive and talented in the world, yet most Irishmen are also the cause of their own downfall. I believe it. It’s something I’ve always been wary of, that feeling of discontent when you have a good thing and life is on rails, like you want to just blow it up and start over as you miss the time when you were on the rise. We’re a melancholy people.


Apt description of the entire paternal side of my family, so inbr… er, faithful to the Old Country.



The first time I saw him in anything was Space:1999.