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CBS News has just confirmed Tom Petty has died.

He was found in his Malibu home in full cardiac arrest, transported to the hospital and found to have no brain activity. Death was confirmed at 2:02pm.

And I’m totally gutted.


Legendary musician Tom Petty dead at 66

(Via KHOU 11)


And voice actor of Lucky from King of the Hill.

Which it took me way too long to realize.

Rest in peace, man.


This is a complete shock. In addition to being one of my favorite American bands, Petty himself seemed like a great, humble guy. Along with the Cars, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers got me through the late 70s and early 80s when much of the music scene was shite.

Condolences to his family and the rest of the band. So sad.


Saw him in Hyde Park in the summer and he was terrific. Such a loss and such a legacy.


Never really got to talk to Tom other than a Howdy, but he was around several party things I attended. Also a near-neighbor when he lived in Encino. Very influential artist on the soundtrack of my life.


Fake news.


Yes I noticed The Guardian have pulled their story reporting his death and replaced it with ‘critically ill’. It seems it isn’t entirely the journalists fault, LAPD sources told CBS and Variety he had died and have apologised for sharing wrong information.

Hopefully he pulls through.


Unfortunately, this time, it’s for real:


Bill Sienkiewicz tribute once again, the guy is a genius.


James Gunn is reporting that Skip Haynes has died;


I note the passing of psychologist Arthur Janov on Oct. 1st.

Janov loomed rather large in the local picture in my college years, and there was a bunch of exploration into things like sensory deprivation, Janov’s primal scream therapy and it’s followers like re-birthing and similar New Age attempts.

Now, I kinda believe primal scream was only good for ENT docs, but if it helped anybody, cool. I found it a crude tool; but Janov was indeed recognized then and now as an innovator.



That’s a damned shame. I’ve feared for his health for a long time due to his weight, schedule, and self-confessed bad habits. Still one of the funniest humans to have taken a stage.

Please enjoy his bit on mullets!



A shame. I always liked his stuff.


I’ve never seen any of his stand-up but he was always a highlight on Never Mind The Buzzcocks.