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The Obituaries Thread






I looked at the pictures, loved the cartoons, laughed at some jokes, read interviews, rejected the lifestyle, and respect a man for a unique life.

Rest, Hugh.

You’ve had many pieces.


Waitaminnit! I thought this was Hefner:


Don’t scare me like that by putting Stan Lee pictures in this thread.

(I just listened to his podcast with Kevin Smith from a few years ago and it reminded me just how much life there still is in him, even in his nineties.)


The Playboy Mansion was sold shortly before Hugh Hefner died, there’s a chance it’ll survive but I wouldn’t bet on it;

Property values are so high, I assume it’ll be demolished.


Did they buy in to the original deal where they could buy it but had to let Hugh continue to live there?


According to the article, it was a subject of negotiation, but;

Playboy will pay Metropoulos $1 million a year for upkeep of the property while Hefner is living there, people with knowledge of the deal told The Hollywood Reporter. According to a source, one sticking point in the negotiations was the leaseback deal and the access that Metropoulos would have to the property while Hefner lived there. The parties agreed that Metropoulos would give Hefner ample notice before coming to the property.

And previously;

In 2009, 33-year old Metropoulos acquired the house next to the Playboy Mansion, which includes the original gate that connects to the Playboy Mansion.

His intended goal was;

Metropoulos said he will combine the two properties after Mr. Hefner’s tenancy ends.

So what does that phrase “combine the two properties” mean? Keep both houses? Or clear the huge area that both estates now make, and build on it?

Preservation has never been a priority in LA real estate.


My wife and I said the same thing upon hearing of Hefner’s death:

“Hell of a life.”


TMZ will likely have their obit today, along with more info on the Mansion - they covered that story in the first place. One thing I mentioned to my roomie, Hef worked damned hard for a lot of years to create a magazine and small empire from basically an idea and a typewriter. Had an accurate ear for jazz, pop, soul and rock and was able to incorporate that. Gave us Gahan Wilson. And the art of the airbrush.


You’d be a fool to tear down the Playboy mansion when you could easily turn it into a resort for every sex-starved sad act with more money than sense to stay in.


It should be a museum of sorts really, if it was in another city it probably would be, they can be good businesses and the Playboy brand is still viable.





What, you mean Magaluf?

I was there at the weekend for a stag do. It was as horrendous as you’d imagine.


Magaluf for people with pretensions of class.


Ohhhh, see now you’re selling it to me :wink: