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The Obituaries Thread



So sad. It was great seeing him in Twin Peaks: The Return.


Guy was a legend if only because people have been surprised he’s still alive for 20 years now. He was a great actor - it was good to see him stay so active and popular for so long.


It was amazing to see him in Twin Peaks: The Return. There’s one brief scene of him just strumming his guitar and singing outside of his character’s trailer and it’s legitimately one of the most moving scenes in the whole show.

I always liked Roger Ebert’s quote: “no movie featuring either Harry Dean Stanton or M. Emmet Walsh in a supporting role can be altogether bad.”

I haven’t come close to seeing all of Stanton’s films but the rule holds true as far as I can tell. My favorite roles of his include Wild at Heart, Inland Empire, and of course Alien.


He has a lead role in a movie coming out soon, directed by John Carroll Lynch, which sounds great:


Portrait by Bill Sienkiewicz from last year (that he shared again in the wake of Stanton’s passing).


I’m going to make myself a cup of Good Mornin’ America in his honour…


Harry Dean Stanton once asked an interviewer why they were questioning him about The Care Bears Movie.

“You were in it.”
“Fuck, was I?”


They should have left this scene in:


Posting this as it made me realize that Harry Dean was in most of my favorite movies. Maybe more than Dick Miller!


Harry Dean Stanton’s obituary stated that he was in The Godfather Part II; IMDB lists his role as “FBI Agent #1”. I’ve seen that film a bazillion times, but I do not recall ever seeing him and acknowledging “Hey, that’s Harry Dean Stantion!”

Of course, I’m going to have to rewatch it now.

Rest in Peace.



I’d never heard of this man or this story, but it’s quite amazing:

Although his training dictated he should contact the Soviet military immediately, Petrov instead called the duty officer at army headquarters and reported a system malfunction.

The Soviet Union and the US had huge nuclear arsenals trained on each other during the Cold War

If he had been wrong, the first nuclear blasts would have happened minutes later.

“Twenty-three minutes later I realised that nothing had happened. If there had been a real strike, then I would already know about it. It was such a relief,” he recalled.

A later investigation concluded that Soviet satellites had mistakenly identified sunlight reflecting on clouds as the engines of intercontinental ballistic missiles.



That false alarm was one of the inspirations for the movie WarGames.


Still not as good as James Blunt.


He won’t mean anything to people outside of Ireland, but had been commentating on sports since before I was born.

Mostly I remember him for his commentary during the World Cup, but I always liked it when he was sent to cover a sport he knew nothing about during the Olympics. I remember him referred to one veteran cyclist as the “the old dog for the hard Velodrome”.