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You’ve probably never heard of him but this was the newsreader/presenter/anchorman in my region. He was ubiquitous.

Everyone of a certain age will remember the Larn Yersel’ Geordie broadcasts where, often with a glint in the eye, the pair mocked standard English and had fun speaking how real people in the region spoke.

When I moved up to the North East as a student, Mike Neville probably was the man I larned geordie from, just because he was on the telly so much :smiley:

He had his own show with his name in it - North East Tonight With Mike Neville - and anyone who saw the programme would realise he still had what it takes.

This time his stint would last for ten years during which the programme won awards - including the World Service Medal in New York for “Best News Magazine Programme” - and Mike himself was given a “Unique Achievement” award from the Royal Television Society recognition of 40 years as a daily television presenter.

the musician Jez Lowe wrote and recorded the song “Mike Neville Said It (So It Must Be True).








Even if the only things he did in comics were co-create Wolverine and Swamp Thing that’s a hell of a career. But he helped steer some of our favorites for a while.

Oh and he also helped create the greatest X-Man of them all!

A big thank you and godspeed to Len Wein!


Wolverine has been my favorite character since I was a little kid. A big thank you to Len Wein for co-creating him (not to mention co-creating the rest of new X-Men, Swamp Thing, and editing Watchmen!). RIP


Len Wein, Marv Wolfman, and Roy Thomas were my favorite writers during my Golden Age of Marvel Comics; but Wein never got the same level of recognition for his achievements in establishing the post-Stan-and-Jack MU.

Rest in Peace, Len; you’ve earned it.


Sad news.

Still, at least it sounds like it wasn’t fuckin’ cancer. That bastard’s racked up too big a hit count.



Len Wein made it to the front page of the Guardian website:


Len deserves it.


Tribute from Bill Sienkiewicz;


This one from Declan Shalvey:


From Neal Adams:



I mostly know Vincent from the series of ads he did for years over here.