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The Obituaries Thread


Fun fact: Neal Adams was one of the primary artists for DC’s Adventures of Jerry Lewis comic book.


Bill Sienkiewicz, of course. He’s had to do too many lately.




In the late 80s my mother was curating the Cardiff Literature festival (it was 1987 or 1988). She is a fan herself but with some encouragement from teenage me added a science fiction section. The speakers were Brian Stableford, Terry Pratchett, the Rev Lionel Fanthorpe and Brian Aldiss as headliner. We also included the UK cinema first showing of Akira.

(Pratchett was low down the list as he’d only just had a couple of books published and before he sold millions and millions of them).

Two of them have now left us.



Heard about this, did not hear how it happened. Holy Mama Cass!



A shame. As always. :confused:



One of the few I can say I met. I worked on one of his minor, later films, which did it’s post production in London.

He was polite, open-minded and always had a positive attitude, at least in reviews, which is where I interacted with him.

The world needs more people like him, not less.





Oh man, I hadn’t heard Hooper died. I just watched Texas Chain Saw Massacre a couple months ago and thought it was a perfect movie and one of the best horror movies I’ve ever seen.



This is going to sound awful but I thought he had died years ago.


Oh I loved Berman in Curb. RIP


Walter Becker, Steely Dan Guitarist, Dies at 67


Totally gutted.