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The Obituaries Thread


Too damned young. And it was so much fun for a while to play the “John Hurt or John Heard?” game, or the infamous “‘John Heard.’ ‘John heard what?’” (that one goes on for a while) Solid actor.


I remember liking him in Cutter’s Way, although I done know how well that holds up today.

…and Big…How could I have forgotten that he was in Big?


Have some fun and take a peek at Heard’s credits list.

Sharknado, Justice League: The New Frontier, Prison Break, heck even Alfred Hitchcock Presents.






She had one of the greatest voices in the world.






That’s sad.

I loved him as an actor (particularly recently in Mud and Midnight Special), but I absolutely loved his plays. He was a very, very talented writer.


Shepard’s scenes as Chuck Yeager in The Right Stuff were the best parts of that film. He will be missed.


That was the signature role for me, too.



Bill Sienkiewicz, of course.


I met Robert Hardy in 1984, I would have been 11 years old. Richard Burton had died and he went to my primary school (his sister worked as a school assistant and we all knew her well as auntie Hilda). So we went to the memorial service at the local chapel in a really small village (there were maybe about 80 houses there).

The crowd was way too big for the tiny chapel and various actors milled around outside, Hardy came past and chatted to all of us and was really nice.

Also a great actor but there’s not many of these where I have a personal connection.


Wonderful career, he seemed to turn up everywhere.


I knew him as Mr. Croup in Neverwhere, and his arcs on The Bill and Eastenders last decade.


Shelley is very good, if they repeat some in tribute. Very dry.