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The Obituaries Thread



Saw that. “Hey Hey” became a quick classic, used everywhere. Some folks confused him with Gary Glitter (“Rock ‘n’ Roll”) but DeCarlo just kept working.



That just popped up on the news. I haven’t seen him in TV in years but he was THE film critic when I was growing up.

His show also had the behind the scenes and the interviews that no-one else did at the time.

He was a good critic (even if I didn;t always agree with him) and a very good presenter.

I never bought a jar of his pickles though. I might do that. :slight_smile:

And why not? :wink:


Same for me, I genuinely looked forward to Film every week from when i was no age (the weekly repeats were on tuesday or Wednesday afternoons), and I still always have a copy of this around, the original and best version.





Such a great old-fashioned pantomime villain.


I found Grotbags pretty scary as a young child.


She was, but from a professional point of view, she went all out with her performance. You have to love actors who embrace a role like that.



So sad. Condolences to Stan for his loss.


Sad news.


93 years old and married 69 years. That’s something to celebrate. I hope Stan has people close to him to help him through his loss. I can’t image losing a mate especially after that long.


I can’t help but think of Stan too and hope he is ok. At that age and after that long it is going to hit hard. I hope he has people close to help him as you say.


Losing someone who’s been a part of your life for so long must be unbearable. But it sounds like those two got to live a great life together, so that’s pretty awesome.


He was great on True Blood, and I liked him on Elementary this season too. RIP


Damn, that’s really young. Lafayette was probably my favorite character on True Blood. I was always hoping to see more from Ellis. How sad.