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The Obituaries Thread



Holy crap. I’ve always been partial to Mobb Deep but I had never heard of Prodigy’s condition. Far too young.



I listened to The Infamous yesterday at work after my friend texted me the news. Aside from a couple of skits, it’s a perfect album. Pure and unfiltered NY hip hop. Prodigy co-produced every song with Havoc, too, which he mostly stopped doing later on.


He was great in MI:GP and John Wick.


I haven’t seen the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movies (not being crazy about the books) but I watched John Wick for the first time last week. He is great in it.


Balls. I click on the article and start reading:

56 - that’s young, he looked older.

Wait, 56… Oh, fuckin’ cancer.



Ah, this is a shame.

His books (and their adaptations) entertained kids for decades. The recent movie was lovely and I’m glad he lived to see Paddington bring such pleasure to a whole new generation.


He has a little cameo in the movie as the man raising a glass of wine to Paddington as he drives through London.

I know that Mrs. J is going to be sad about this.


91 is a great run, but very sad.


True. But his books have made countless people happy down through the years (I spent a lot of time reading and re-reading a Paddington book to my niece recently…God, kids are demanding), and presumably will continue to do so into the future. That’s not a bad legacy to leave behind you.


It’s a great legacy.


I loved Paddington as a child and still have a special place in my heart for him.

RIP Michael Bond


My youngest son, who turned 2, found my Paddington doll from the early 80s and is fascinated by it.

My older son, who is 9, should be getting too old for Paddington but unabashedly loves the new film and often requests it on movie night.

A great legacy indeed.


I am pretty unashamed about saying that it was my favourite film of 2014.


It’s a very clever film. My expectations for the sequel are tempered but I am definitely looking forward to it.


Since I watch almost all of them with two kids under 10 years old I think it was definitely the best kids film of the year.

I’m a little surprised actually that Roberts and Todd were familiar with it as kids as I thought our conversation at the time was it was an unknown property in the US. I may have misunderstood though as the books may have had penetration and not the (rather primitive but charming) cartoon show.


The Paddington show was on PBS in the US. I remember thinking the animation was creepy but I liked it. The dolls and books were here too although clearly did not have the same penetration as in the UK.


Looking at it now it is quite weird. Paddington is a stop motion 3D puppet, the backgrounds are all in black and white and the rest is traditional animation (albeit quite primitive).