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The Obituaries Thread



RIP, he did some hair raising stuff on Blue Peter.




Good innings at 96 years old.


Ah, I always liked Sallis.


I think it was impossible not to. If he wasn’t sliding down a hill in a bath, he was saving everyone from evil penguins (okay…I realise that Gromit did most of the heavy lifting)…



But Wallace invented the doohickey that made the lifting easier.


Aw man, I feel like half the time I get cheese for my kids I say in Sallis’ voice, “Cheese, Gromit, cheeeese!”



I have a lot of fond memories of Wallace and Gromit. The earliest job I ever wanted to have as a kid was claymation artist. As the main voice you hear through it all, Sallis played a huge role in that.


RIP Peter Sallis. Thanks for all the fun.

We’ve speculated before that Sallis was very old (for those that only know him as Wallace he had a lead role in the UK’s longest running sitcom ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ that ran from 1973 to 2010 and he was playing a retiree when that started) and whether the character would finish with him or whether they would carry on.

I hadn’t realised that in some shorts and ads they had already used another actor, Ben Whitehead, for some short bits. He sounds pretty much the same, I think one of those you’d only notice small differences if told in advance.


I still do “Cracking toast, Gromit!” in his voice every time we have toast. Sallis was a lovely, unassuming gentleman.


[quote=“DrewEricsson, post:657, topic:5713”]
“Cracking toast, Gromit!”
[/quote]When I texted the news of Sallis’ death to my kids yesterday, I ended with those words.



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That works. A fine tombstone.


This was a really popular kids show of the era.

I imagine some bowls of mash will be eaten in tribute.


Monday? :frowning:

That’s so weird. We were watching an episode of The Avengers that had him as a guest star on Monday night (and no, they didn’t schedule it as a tribute, they’ve been showing the whole series in sequence). Instantly recognisable, even in the early 60s. In fact, we said to each other “Was he always old?” It’s probably the only time I’ve seen him in a serious dramatic role (which he filled perfectly).


He was in a late 60s Doctor Who (The Ice Warriors) and looked pretty old in that too.



That’s a shame. I loved her in Dirty Rotten Scoundrel (one of my favourite movies).

Rest in Peace Janet Colgate.