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The Obituaries Thread


When I was in primary school (maybe about 6 or 7), our teacher did a round of the class and told everyone whether they were named after a saint or religious figure or something like that.

That didn’t sit well with me. My parents had their beliefs but weren’t ones for naming their kids like that. So on way home after school in our old Ford Escort van (the back door of which was often held closed with string), I asked my father about it.

He told me that I wasn’t named after a saint. He said that I was named after The Saint. He told me that he and my mother were watching The Saint one evening and thought to themselves “that’s a nice name”. So that is where my name came from.

So RIP Sir. Roger and thank you for being the reason why I’m called Simon, rather than Huckleberry, Trampas or Dr. Richard Kimble.

And of course, thank you for keeping the British end up.




Moore always struck me as a very knowing guy when it came to his own performances and career (the old eyebrow-raise acting school and all).

I never heard him talk about the Alan Partridge stuff that often referenced him. I wonder what he made of it.


He mentioned it in his book. Apparently his father was watching and called him to ask why he hadn’t turned up (assuming that Alan Partridge was for real). I think that he took that stuff in good spirit.

While it is no literary masterpiece, the book has a lot of great stories in it.


Moore was a class act and a great gentleman. I think he understood that acting and clowning are the same thing, and he willingly made himself a clown to make others happy. That’s a very selfless way to live and I’m glad it seems like he had a long happy rewarding life.


I heard him interviewed only last year on a promo tour. At 88 or so he was as sharp as a knife, self-deprecating and very funny.


His was the first Bond I ever knew.


We were lucky enough to see Sir Rog on his last speaking tour and it was a fantastic, witty, insightful evening. We realised he was old and that this would most likely be the final chance to see him do something like this but it doesn’t really soften the blow when the inevitable happens.

I saw this lovely story on Twitter:

Read the first bitbefore looking at the second part in the spoiler tags.


I have an urge to watch this again.

Such ridiculous fun. :slight_smile:


That tale is brilliant.


Original title! Nice!

We had it here as ffolkes. Therapeutic fun!


One of my favorite movies with Roger Moore:



Wow, just wow. :smiley:


Caught Live and Let Die last night. It was good. Bon voyage, Rog.


‘Clerks’ Actress Lisa Spoonauer Dies at 44


Were there any doubt that Roger Moore was a class act:

[quote]First, I find out what my wife is going to be wearing. If she is wearing pink, then I choose a pink shirt. We have to blend.

As long as I don’t keep falling over when I am trying to put on my socks, it takes me about 10 minutes to get ready. Attempting to balance a mirror to see the back of my head takes the most time. I used to be able to fill the little hole, but now there’s no chance. It bothers me for one minute when I see the back of my head and when I see a photograph. I look like my great-grandfather.

I used to make a dry martini before a night out, but I can’t drink since discovering my diabetes (which seems to be the fashionable thing to have, now Tom Hanks has it). I am now slightly addicted to Coke Zero mixed with non-alcoholic beer. I look like a man drinking that.

I have a uniform of blazer and slacks. It can be worn on all occasions except those that call for black tie or a lounge suit (which is a misnomer, because it gives the impression that you can be lounging around in your pyjamas, which is not the case).

Hopefully, I am confident about the zip on my trousers. They say that the beginning of senility is when you forget to zip up; and the worst comes when you forget to zip down.

Always have a clean shirt. A wedding ring, a signet ring and a nice watch is enough jewellery for a man. And never wear socks that expose any of your calf when you cross your legs.

My trick to feeling good on a night out is to ask my wife how we’re doing. She says, “You’re wonderful”, and I believe her.[/quote]


Gregg Allman of The Allman Brothers Band dies at age 69


A troubled life, another story comes to a close. Peace, Gregg.


Got to see Marcus Intalex live a few times a good few years ago now when he was strictly playing drum and bass, definitely an inovator and someone who helped shape that sound. Another passing too early.