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The Obituaries Thread


Holy shit! That’s young.



We lose Chris Cornell, but then Roger Ailes dies, and balance is restored to the cosmos.


I think we need a few more awful people beside Ailes to properly balance Cornell. And then we need to talk about Bowie and Weiland and everyone else from last year…


My wife heard something that Cornell may have been a suicide.


It doesn’t seem that unlikely I’m afraid, there is footage of him playing a gig a few hours before he was declared dead so you can rule out any long term illness.


Reading between the lines, a lot of the earliest reports of his death were hinting as much.


Any time there is a sudden death like this, that is generally the first assumption. To be fair, it’s generally not far off. Though there have been times of accidental overdose/drug interaction like with the guy from Hawthorne Heights and Heath Ledger.


Fuck me, I was not expecting that Cornell news at all.


The problem with suicide for a lot of us is it may not fit logically, brains don’t work that way.

Welsh football fans saw the death of our coach Gary Speed, he was on a run of 5 consecutive victories so good at his job. He was handsome and he was wealthy. He killed himself.


Unfortunately it does seem to be the case. I’ll link to this report rather than embed it as it contains a level of detail that I don’t think is appropriate for an obituary thread.


That’s what my wife had heard.


Fucking suicide.

Life is hard. Life can be draining. Life can just seem too much sometimes. Most of us find ways to deal with these feelings if they arise or block them out completely, some of us just don’t manage it.

When it’s someone who seemingly has everything it’s easy to look for specific reasoning or mental illness, but ultimately, all of us need a point to live or reasons to fight past sadness or bad shit happening never mind depression, even more so in first world problem terms, when you don’t have much to do to survive day to day and personal issues and feelings can build up and seem so much more intense.

The saddest thing about suicide, even more than the useless waste of a young life, is the pain loved ones have to endure. It’s a deep scar that never, ever leaves, and deaths like this reverberate through those closest’s entire lives.


I just heard about Chris Cornell. I was oblivious to this all day. I don’t know what to say. Oh this is fucking bullshit. Such an amazing talent. And now he’s gone. I’m really sad and upset now. I think the saddest thing about suicide is a nanosecond later they can change their mind.



On suicide, I think a self chosen death is a right everybody should have, when the suffering is too bad you should be able to end it, but from the outside the rationale can be hard or impossible to see. Clinical depression can be a fatal disease.


Thing is, Arjan, in forty years I have not seen one single case that cannot have a positive outcome with treatment. The shit is lethal, but it can be fought and defeated.


That may be so, but I can never judge someone for taking the step.


I have to agree, but it’s so damned sad!


I can. He has a wife and two children aged 12 and 11. At some point your life isn’t just about yourself, it’s about the others that need you. And you owe it to them to exhaust all other options, or plain just suck it up for a while. Life is a series of ups and downs, some people get more of some and less of the other, some reach higher heights, some lower lows, but the thing about life is it’s always eventually changing. Suicide is a shitty hateful selfish thing to do that damages many more than just you. There should be no acceptance of suicide unless you’re literally already facing the end of your days through illness.


I think that from a rational point of view you’re right.

I think that’s why we have to try and see it and understand it for the product of an irrational mind that it is. The result of someone not being mentally well.