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The Obituaries Thread



Kind of scary when people only a few years older than you start dying.


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Kind of scary when people only a few years older than you start dying.
[/quote]…or a decade younger than you… :sweat:



Not going to shed too many tears over this.


Did that arsehole ever 'fess up to where the kids were buried?




No, Keith Bennet’s mother died a couple of years back without ever knowing.


Thanks. What an incredible piece o’ crap.

Really like that image and its point, which isn’t limited to just Brady.


We're devastated to hear the brilliant artist Edmund Bagwell has passed away. He will be sorely missed and our thoughts are with his family.

— 2000 AD (@2000AD) May 16, 2017

Very sad, I loved his work on Cradlegrave:,204,203,200.jpg


Blimey that’s a shock. Did some terrific work for 2000ad and it’s a shame his work wasn’t more widely seen.


Wasn’t sure how old he was but saw another link saying it was just 50, they are asking for donations to pancreatic cancer research, way too young. :cry:


This is really sad. Cradlegrave was being published in 2000AD when I started buying the Prog on a weekly basis and it was one of the things that pulled me in and made me keep coming back. Bagwell’s art played a massive part in this.


From Liam Sharp:

Just heard that our dear friend Edmund Bagwell has died. Apparently he had been suffering from pancreatic cancer. Edmund lived with me and Christina in Richmond, just outside London, back in the Marvel UK days. He also contributed to Mam Tor, drawing Chase Variant, and illustrating my prose story Jed Lightsear. We kept in touch, on and off, even after he moved to Seoul, and he did manage to get up to stay with us in Derby shortly before we moved to the US. We were in touch about Madefire projects too.
Just a brilliant, under-appreciated talent with a unique voice.
Damn. Heartbreaking. We loved you, and we’ll miss you Edmund. Condolences to his family. There are a lot of people we know who will be quietly devastated by this news today. xxx


I just heard Chris Cornell has died.

A great shame, I was a fan, particularly of his stuff with Audioslave.



I’m not talking to anyone until this is revealed as a hoax.



I loved Soundgarden when I was a teenager, saw them live about 6 months before they broke up. Fuuuuuuuuuck


The hell?


My wife and her sister were going to see him next week when he came to Houston. She is not taking the news of his death well.