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The Obituaries Thread


Maybe, but maybe he was only guilty of one murder. If so then there’s a chance to catch whoever is guilty of the other two.


The whole situation is just tragic for all parties involved. I’m sure it’ll serve as a warning to any future athletes who come from rough beginnings. Drop all that shit now and grow up, or it’ll be the ruin of everything you’ve worked towards.

The NFL Thread!!!!!

Aren’t the other people involved in the drive-by already facing trial? Hence the acquittal on everything but gun related charges. I’m sure I read that his defense was that he was just in the car and didn’t know the drive-by would take place, but I don’t have time to go searching, a quick google turned up very little in terms of case facts.




Stop Making Sense is the best concert movie ever and one of the best movies ever, period.


Everyone is going to remember Silence of the Lambs (as they should…It’s a classic), but he also made one of the great concert movies in Stop Making Sense


Probably Britain’s most important comics creator…


Shame. Baxendale’s creations were a big part of my comics diet as a kid.


Baxendale was an incredible talent, his stuff stood out from all those 1 page humour strips. 86 is not a bad innings though, RIP Leo.


Baxendale’s Willy the Kid books are quite something and well worth tracking down. RIP sir.



I actually don’t know much about this actor. The main point of interest is when it comes to obituaries, this one was written by a guy who died 2 years earlier than the man he is writing about. :confused:


That was bloody prescient of him to get the date exactly right.


It’s a bit suspicious I’d say.


The Department of Work and Pensions decided he was still fit for work.



He had some other hits, but ‘Children’ was huge and was everywhere at the time.


I’m pretty sure I had One & One on single.